Oregon man accused of shooting dog in the face

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A 44-year-old man in Troutdale, Oregon, is accused of shooting his dog in the face, reported Monday’s KOIN News. The man accused of the cruel act, which claimed the dog’s life, has been identified as Duane Wilson. Wilson’s motives are unclear, but his dog, named “Deucy,” had experienced a bout of diarrhea before the shooting and was supposed to be taken to a veterinarian for care; court documents indicate that, aside from the loose bowels, the dog was otherwise healthy.

Local authorities were alerted to the shooting by a neighbor who indicated that Wilson, a government employed maintenance worker, had killed his dog on July 20. Police who responded to the home on the 2600 block of Southeast Evans Road found the deceased dog’s body in the backyard.

According to the KOIN report, Wilson had hoped to toss his dog’s body into Multnomah Falls – the cruel incident has resulted in Wilson facing charges for aggravated animal abuse and unlawful use of a weapon; he was taken to jail, released and has to go back to court on August 5.

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  1. virginia green says:

    charge him with killing a little kid wearing fur.dogs and cats and all pets are just little kides wearing fur or birds with feather.charge him bigtime for it

  2. Tim says:

    just another pos waste of flesh, need to be taken out people like this pos don’t deserve to be living, I hope everyone seeing this picture act accordingly towards asshole pos

  3. resqdogz says:

    Take this bastard’s GUNS (all of ’em) and ANIMALS (all of ’em), and lock him up – forever… but before you do, give him one last look – at the “business end” of his weapon – as you discharge and empty the chamber into his vacant, despicable visage..

  4. Bridget says:

    This jerk needs to be shot in the head ….. And why should he still have a government job, I definitely don’t want to pay his wages !!!!!

    • Annie says:

      And to top it all off, he’s starting back to work on Monday October 3rd for the City of Fairview working in the parks again!! Scary!!! How can this happen??? It’s unbelievable that the City of Fairview would allow this creep back into the parks. Hide your dogs!! Seems like a huge liability on the city’s part to me.


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