Dog's "sad" life on balcony

Official comment released about ‘sad’ dog on balcony

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On Friday, the Pet Rescue Report received an official response about the ‘sad’ dog on the balcony of an apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A great deal of outrage was sparked about the concerning situation after a Facebook user by the name of Lorena posted photos of the dog to social media and stated that the local animal control agency was “aware” of the dog on the balcony, but nothing had been done to remove the dog from the situation.

According to Gillian Kocher, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Pennsylvania SPCA, the situation is not all that it seems. In an emailed statement, Kocher advised the Pet Rescue Report that, “The PSPCA has been contacted about this case, and we have had an officer out to the scene more than ten times since this was first reported to us in August. Of those times, the dog was actually outside on the porch less than a handful of times. The dog does not live outside.”

Kocher added:

Additionally, when this post went viral on Wednesday, the owner was not the one at the residence who put the dog outside. The situation was corrected within an hour of the initial report when our PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer went out. We have checked twice since then both yesterday and today and dog is still not outside.

According to Kocher, the woman who posted the images to Facebook has overstated the frequency that the dog is actually outside on the balcony. The dog in the photos is not being removed from his (or her) owners.

Kocher explained:

We understand the frustration of some of the public, but things are being drawn from a photo or a few photos that are incorrect. The dog is in good condition and does not live outside. There are no violations of the cruelty code, and therefore no reason to take the dog out of its current situation.

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  1. zorka kelly says:

    I do not believe what I am reading, the situation looks as if squalor and the body of dog is in tremendous stress, AGAIN, I DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR” WORDS”,EXCUSES FOR OWNER WITH.


  2. susispot says:

    I hope what is stated is, in fact, true. I understand the woman’s concerns. We see so many pets that are treated badly. It is easy to assume…

  3. Smith p says:

    So how bad does this have to be before the dog is rehomed to someone who will let it run free in a garden or take it for walks?..seems this dog is either on the balcony looking extremely sad or inside the place…never anywhere that a dog should actually be like walking running enjoying life…why do these people have a dog at all?

  4. joyce says:

    By the looks of the balcony it isn’t a very good building. The dog needs to be rehome. Don’t believe what the city is saying.

  5. Y. HENRY says:

    Does that seem right to you ? This poor dog is depressive, you can see his attitude. He has no dog basket, no water no food on this little balcony. Please do something for this dog. Help him. A message from an animal lover. From Paris, France


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