NYC rescue steps up to help 4-year-old shepherd with enormous tumor

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Pumpernickel came into the New York City Animal Care and Control as a stray; a tumor the size of a cantaloupe attached to her abdomen nearly dragged on the floor as the four-year-old German shepherd tried to walk. Hearts went out … a volunteer at the shelter reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. Co-founder of the organization, Stacey Silverstein couldn’t say no. Pumpernickel the shepherd

So depressed and ready to give up on life, Pumpernickel barely moved in her kennel cage.

“Pumpernickel tries to walk, but the tumor gets in the way, as it scrapes on the floor. Can you imagine how painful and uncomfortable this must be?,” asked Stacey as the team arranged to have the dog transferred from the shelter to their participating veterinarian hospital. “Pumpernickel does not deserve to suffer.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Pumpernickel now awaits the removal of her massive tumor to be performed by a board certified veterinarian surgeon.  Pumpernickel 2She is resting comfortably on intravenous fluids, and hopefully can look forward to a new life. Doesn’t every dog deserve the best chance they can get? Just ask the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteers who make lives better for the worst cases that come from kill shelters, owner surrenders, puppy mills and even for the medically neglected and suffering dogs just needing someone to help and give them a voice. Pumpernickel 3 A Facebook link for Pumpernickel can be followed by clicking here.

Funds to help with Pumpernickel’s  surgery today can be made by clicking here. Go also to their pay pal at:
[email protected].

(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)



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  1. hows the dog now?make the owner pay bigtime for all the treatment and also jail the person for mistreatment of a 4 legged kid wearing fur having a big item on it.dogs are just little kids wearing fur.treat them like it.


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