North Korea displays dogs in zoo just one week after telling hungry people to eat dog meat for ‘stamina’

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Just one week after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un rang out a heavy media campaign encouraging citizens to eat dog meat because of its “stamina” building ingredients, photographs began to flood in of healthy looking, well groomed dogs lined up in cages at the Pyongyang Central Zoo located in the popular capital city, reports Express News.North Korea zoo dogs

Famine in the Democratic Republic of Korea, caused by poor economic dealings, floods and droughts have accounted for the deaths of more than 300,000 people in the 90s. North Korea continues to suffer from widespread famine, however it doesn’t appear the overweight dictator ever misses a meal. And since there is relatively no control over dogs, the heavily monitored press has been extolling the virtues of cooking dogs – referred to as “dangogi” or sweet meat in Korean. In addition, Jong Un claims dog meat is more nutritious than chicken, beef, pork and duck.  Not only does the maniacal dictator encourage residents to eat dogs, his delusional rantings encourages people to beat, whip and set the dogs on fire while alive to make their meat tastier. More propaganda media continues to advocate eating dog meat labeling it as the “finest medicine” one can find. In a country where people are starving and the rice rations get sparser, the population quickly buys into the desperate plight of torturing and eating stolen, stray and suffering dogs.

Yet now a pets’ pavilion in the capital’s zoo appears, displaying St. Bernard dogs, Schnauzers, German shepherds and Shih Tzus; all waiting to be viewed by tourists much the same as the elephants and penguins. A cage showing off the King Charles spaniel which once belonged to Kim Jong-Un’s father has become a popular “exhibit.”

Not withstanding the perfectly groomed French Poodles and tiny Chihuahuas, all the dogs have something to do with gifts bestowed upon the dictator’s family somewhere along the way. And instead of displaying recipes for dog meat that have been posted throughout the country, the zoo only supplies information on training, kindness and patience when bringing a dog into the family. The zoo is stated to have more than 5,000 animals spanning more than 650 species; dogs being one of the most popular attractions.

(Photos:  screenshot via PA)


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  1. Debbie johnson says:

    Can’t call that man human! He is a demon with a human face. He does not care for his own people so for sure won’t care about dogs! Sicko demon!


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