Man accused of raping dog

North Carolina man accused of raping dog

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Over the weekend, a North Carolina man was arrested for allegedly raping a dog. According to Monday’s WWAY TV 3, 24-year-old Sisto Michael Fea, of Wilmington, was allegedly “caught in the act” of sexually assaulting a small, black dog.

A witness who was parked near the incident, which allegedly took place at a residence on Bagley Avenue, told the authorities that she observed Fea raping the small dog twice, reported Star News Online. The first time, the witness claims that she saw Fea sexually assaulting the dog on the porch of the house – she alleges that when the dog “reacted” to the assault, Fea dropped her and kicked her. The witness claims that the man raped the dog a second time a short time later.

The witness called 9-1-1 to report the vile act and the suspect was arrested on Saturday. Fea has obtained a lawyer – the man representing Fea has stated that his client denies the allegations against him. Fea is facing charges for crimes against nature, felony cruelty to animals and a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals.

The victimized dog, named “Lola,” is currently at the New Hanover County Animal Services – she is expected to join a foster family soon. No word on whether or not she sustained injuries from the alleged sexual assault.

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  1. rieann says:

    umm ok so if true she stayed and watched it and stayed longer to watch it again? and didn’t think of making a call and reporting it ok sure guess she liked it??

    • Mae says:

      Why the hell would she just watch and do nothing. You think he’s up to something, go and let it be known, and stop him!! Do let it happen again!!! What an asshole!! Your just as guilty!!! I hope he gets his ass BEATEN BY A REAL MAN!! You piece of shit!! Your lucky bastard, if I saw you!! You would be regretting ever meeting me!! You WILL get yours!!!! PUNK ASS BITCH!!!

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    This Puke should have honey poured over his head and body and be left tied to a tree in the near by woods!!! Let the bears, moose and elk rape him a few times …. maybe he’ll provide a good meal for one or tow cougar , mountain lions!!! Society doesn’t need the likes of him around!!!

  3. Kathy K says:

    Again he is in the news causing problems. What did he get charged with. Why did they not put this little psycho in a state mental hospital? Also,just looking at his face you can see exactly what he is.

    He is a little punk. And he thinks he’s above the law, and is not remorseful at all.

    He will be moving on to hurting little girls or boys next if he hasn’t done it already.

    Why isn’t he on some kind of probation where he is forced to be accountable?


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