No treats, no barking – homeless dog just wants love

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A young Chihuahua is longing for just one thing from behind the bars of her lonely kennel run…the touch of a kind hand. The dog, whose name is unknown, is being held at the Los Angeles County, Baldwin Park Animal Services facility in California.

On Friday, photographer John Hwang paid the one-year-old dog a visit and captured poignant photos which were subsequently shared on social media. Along with the photos were a few touching words about the homeless dog, “She sat quietly in an overcrowded kennel wanting to make eye contact with the occasional passerby. While the other dogs in her kennel were somewhat standoffish, she remained hopeful. Eager to greet anyone that was willing to give her some attention. She didn’t bark, and she didn’t want treats. She just wanted to be next to someone.”

Hwang added:

I sat with her, and she gently licked my hand. Her gaze hardly left mine as she remained as close as she could to me with only a fence dividing us.

This hopeful dog is one of dozens of homeless dogs at the facility – she, like the others, is in need of someone who will give her a chance at a full life, full of love. Please help this dog find her way into a safe and loving home by taking a moment to share her adoption information.13726752_10154436967483086_7693018186994606211_n

(Photos via John Hwang)

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