Neglected German shepherds discovered in Missouri shed

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Complaints from neighbors led deputies in Clay County, Missouri, to a disturbing find at property in Excelsior Springs. According to Saturday’s publication of Ozarks First, non-stop barking and crying from 23 German shepherds at the home, and on the property, prompted the concerned residents to reach out for desperately needed help.

Responding authorities discovered dogs locked away inside of cages which were housed inside of a long shed, a pump house, as well as inside of the main home at the property which is located off H Highway. The body of one dead dog was found amidst the nearly two dozen surviving dogs who were living in squalor.

The dogs belong to Diane Spurrier – a woman who had been cited in the past as a result of the excessive barking. Spurrier had been told to attend counseling and not have any dogs or horses, reported KCTV 5 News. Despite Spurrier’s mandate to not have dogs, she is listed as the co-owner of an online breeding operation under the name Iron Cross German Shepherds.

Rip Off Report has a complaint about Spurrier and the breeding operation – part of the buyer beware warning on the website reads, “they live in a community that only allows a certain number of dogs per household; and to they hide the dogs in small crates in their basement so that they are not caught over the limit.”

Missouri German Shepherd Rescue is helping the dogs rescued from the neglectful situation. Find the rescue agency on Facebook here.



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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Nothing makes my blood boil more than abused German Shepherds. I have 3 of these magnificent dogs and they are second to none in intelligence and devotion. Had I the money I would be rescuing all the ones I see abused and mistreated. This Diane Spurrier needs to be put away if she can’t follow the rules when they tell her not to have dogs or horses. Her mistreatment of these dogs shows no respect for the welfare of the dogs! I can’t understand how she has been getting away with this fraud for so long! Please prosecute her and put her away, probation hasn’t worked!

  2. Ed says:

    Why she not in jail why they allow breeders that a just out for the buck to hurt these poor poor innocent animals where is the deputies inspectors why do they come out long after the dog argon or hurt or living in squalor I hope to God no one ever buys a dog from them people they are low lifes

    • M. Shenault says:

      Tina, all breeders do not do this. I have gotten 3 from excellent, stand up breeders and my little girl, the last one, came from a breeder who almost made me cry with her tender good bye to her little girl. This woman had a kennel, but to see one of her kids go almost broke her heart. This is why I go to breeders, but they had better be great, because not only would I NOT get a dog from them, I would try to DESTROY them if they were bad.

    • Nancy says:

      Barbara, King is a rock star and you’re the rock star’s mom 😉 I’m SO grateful he’s with you! I hope and pray that the 2 girls we at MOGS took from this puppy mill get homes as wonderful as you 😉 They’re DEFINITELY working lines GSDs, and as we all know they have very special requirements. We’re working hard on that!

  3. Nancy says:

    Thank you, Penny. I’m with Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (MOGS), and we were involved in this tragic situation. Diane Spurrier and her daughter Ashley are co-owners of Iron Cross kennels, and just a few weeks before this raid Diane was put on probation and ordered to have no animals for 2 years. At that time her Facebook page listed her as Director of Nursing at Research Medical Center AND Research Psychiatric Center (since deleted). We’re very disturbed that someone in a high-level position of responsibility in a major hospital and psychiatric facility in Kansas City is not only actively engaged in repeated animal cruelty, but is also continuously and repeatedly flouting the law and courts. We’re grateful the dogs are no longer in that house of horrors. We were originally asked to help find homes for most/all of the dogs, but officials decided instead to give away as many as possible in their own network. We were summoned to take the last 2 dogs that no one else wanted. IT’S CRITICAL TO NOTE THESE ARE WORKING DOGS, bred for sport (Schutzhund/IPO) and law enforcement. They are not the average GSD, and require strong leadership, training and exercise. We are doing intensive rehab with the 2 dogs we took. We pray the other 21 are well. We know at least one has already been given away yet again, and have no information on the female or two who were thought to possibly be pregnant Takers were not required by officials to spay/neuter the dogs, so while some are undoubtedly already altered some are undoubtedly still intact. Takers are free to breed them if they wish. So long as living animals are legally viewed as “property”, such situations will continue and dogs will continue to suffer.


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