After nearly a year without home, deaf dog stopped eating

Depression has taken hold of a deaf dog who once had a family and a home. The dog, named “Ceasar,” was surrendered by his family nearly one year ago, and since that time he has been living in a kennel run at the Humane Society of Highlands County in Sebring, Florida.Cesar the white dog

On August 21, the Facebook page for the no-kill shelter issued a plea on behalf of the homeless dog who is growing increasingly depressed:

Ceasar had been at the shelter for almost a year. He is deaf and getting getting depressed. He has stopped eating. He spent his first 4 years living with his family, now he sits in a kennel waiting for a new person to give him a second chance.

Ceasar once had a family to give his unconditional love to – he is desperately in need of someone new to shower with kisses. Please help share Ceasar’s adoption information and help him find a new home where he will be safe and loved.

The Humane Society has stated that serious inquiries  be sent via text to 863-214-6508.

Find the Facebook page for this shelter here.

Watch his video here:

  1. Maureen Oleary
    Maureen Oleary says:

    This poor dog is deaf,,and having a very hard time adjusting to the shelter
    He’s been there over a year, this sweet baby needs a home desperately. Please help us all to help this pup
    Get a home, he has become so depressed, he won’t eat.PLEASE ADOPT FOSTER SHARE FOR this dog that
    Needs our help so much,let’s find a home for him for sure this month.

  2. Deb Stezar
    Deb Stezar says:

    Please contact Deaf Dogs Rock. DDR is based in VA and they’ve pulled from down that way with some of their partner organizations before.


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