Naked man caught ‘in the act’ sexually assaulting dog

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One week ago, a naked man in Georgia was allegedly caught in the act of sexually assaulting a dog, reported the Statesboro Herald. The man accused of the vile act has been identified as 68-year-old Reinaldo Lazaro Diaz.

Diaz was allegedly standing over a black and white, male pit bull when animal control and police found him on the afternoon of September 13. The Statesboro Police issued a release about the crime – according to the release, concerned residents had called the police after seeing a naked man, outside of a residence, who was believed to be engaging in a sexual assault on the dog – police stated that the man was “naked, straddling the dog, with the dog on its back.”

Before the authorities found Diaz, they met with witnesses who showed cell phone video that had been recorded. When the authorities went to confront the suspect, they found him still in the midst of the sexual assault on the dog.

Diaz was questioned and then arrested on a charge of bestiality – he was taken the Bulloch County Jail. Diaz has been arrested previously on charges of public indecency, reported the Daily Mail.

The victimized dog belonged to a woman who is a relative of Diaz – the woman claims that she had no knowledge of what Diaz did to her dog. The dog was not reported to have injuries as a result of the sexual assault.


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  1. This guy looks like his face has been through a meat grinder. One cannot help but wonder if it has anything to do with his proclivity to rape helpless women, pets, and probably even children. Removing his johnson would be a nice start, then permanent incarceration so no one other innocent, helpless victim will have to worry about him, rather, it will be the other way around….. I’m not encouraging rape, but the fact that he’d have to worry about it for life would be an instructive punishment for such a scumbag….

  2. Sick sick sick. I don’t know what that is but that is not a man let alone a human being. I’m sorry – ship that SOS off to an island somewhere and get it out of civilization.

  3. Mental Health issues Very Possible looking at the photo of this Puke…he also more than likely has alcohol, drug addiction issues!!! He needs to be put someplace under the consistent observation of professionals ( prison , mental heath facility) or next he will be trying to gratify his sexual urges on small children he could have access to , homeless people, elderly women who can’t defend themselves. Let’s hope the judge has some sort of insight to the Real Issues HERE!!!!

      • This pathetic man isn’t mentally well, just because of his current charges perhaps a psychiatric facility for male sexual offenders should be his next permanent residence. We often hear about rapists getting much more harsh charges perhaps this judge will put out him away for a longer time with his fellow sexual assault partners. Raping animals might be his preference, so hopefully he’ll receive a more fitting sentence. He does look awfull though.

  4. Why should we, the tax payers have to pay for this piece of shit scum to have 3 hots and a cot!! Throw his nasty ass in the fire with a pitch fork stuck up it!! Ewww…he’s putrid!!

    • I agree Kim, he is a piece of shit… and tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for his boarding. I wish all of these evil monsters were killed. And no longer able to harm any living breathing being ever again. But in Prison he can have all the sickness he desires, with other criminals.

  5. The dog will never live it down!!! What an ugly piece of shit. Let’s be honest,what living creature would fuck him. I bet even his right hand finds him disgusting!!!!????????????????

  6. This ugly POS looks deformed like his damn brain. His relative didn’t know anything she is a POS if related to him. I would like to kick the living shit out of both of these scumbags and hope they both rot and slowly die. Both bastards are brain damage and deformed like his ugly MotherFu$@ing face. These are the kind of unhumans I hate and want to kill so they get out of our society.

    • She might not be privy to his sick behavior, but that doesn’t make her guilty. I’m glad you aren’t part of the mental health system. You have no idea what’s going on in this situation so maybe best not to point your finger to quickly!

  7. Send this bastard to me and I would damage his face more than what it is you living walking no good POS. I hate your guts. Bitch had no idea what this deformed bastard was doing. Besides where was the bitch while this ugly bastard was with this dog. The Judge didn’t do too much nor defense attorneys but if this was their child what would they do. All hell would break loose.

    • Some comments here are more disturbing than maybe what this guy has already done. Maybe some insight into mental illness would be helpful.

    • That might happen in some States like Texas! We aren’t judge and Jury unless we are serving on a jury panel. Some people in our midst are sick, and without a moral compass. We aren’t vigilantes.

  8. Omg omg what a sick mother fucker but obviously you can look at them and see nobody would want to be bothered with him he’s so damn ugly but they have sex with a dog is just pure D sick sick sick motherfucker you oughta be ashamed of yourself having sex with a dog really dumb ass I wish I could get my hands on you for 5 minutes I’d beat the shit out your ass and I’m handicapped in a wheelchair but I still beat the hell out of you mother fucker

  9. This sick SOB just needs to be 10ft under, even looking at his disgusting deformed face makes me sick. Just join the maggots 10ft under Dude! Your just taking up space.


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