Mystery illness killing dogs in one New Mexico neighborhood

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According to Monday’s KOAT News, dogs in one neighborhood in New Mexico are falling ill and dying. At least a dozen dogs have been killed by the mystery illness which is striking dogs in the Paradise Hills neighborhood – several dog owners are joining forces to see if they can get figure out what is going on, before more dogs die.

The dogs impacted by the mystery illness are presenting with the same symptoms – lethargy, vomiting and a lack of appetite. The illness is fast moving and appears to cause multiple organ failure. The first dog that is known to have died was Amy Neel’s service dog, “Joe.”

When Joe began throwing up, Neel took him to a veterinarian who recommended that she let the illness “run its course.” The next day, the dog was dead. Another dog developed similar symptoms and was put down shortly thereafter because of the suffering.

In an effort to find out who has dogs impacted by this mystery illness, residents have created a form (click here) to track pets who may be suffering from similar symptoms. Many of the people leaving comments on the KOAT article have speculated that the dogs impacted thus far may have been poisoned.

The true source of the illness impacting these dogs remains a mystery at this point.

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  1. Sounds almost like the way dogs have died after eating jerky treats from China. I hope they check to see if any of them ate the same thing. I worry that someone could be intentionally poisoning them, too. It wouldn’t be the first time. No matter what it is, I pray they find out what it is and keep any more dogs from getting ill or dying. If it’s something done intentionally, I hope they find who is doing this and they get what they have coming. I can’t even imagine if this happened to any of my furbabies.

  2. Excuse me I sure hope the Vet didn’t Charge for the visit and the advice. he/she most certainly was really very vested in the issue with Joe!!! I am in agreement with Linda and B’s Mom something is seriously wrong in the neighbor hood !!!I could be a fungus too, I hope the State Veterinary’s Office does a blood and chemical makeup on the stomach and intestinal content on these deceased animals!!!!!

  3. I hope the authorities have been informed? What “illness” kills that fast? Sounds like a human inflicted “illness” to me. Prayers answers are found.


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