Mysterious ‘cat-dog’ has people confused

Mysterious cat-dog
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What does it take to become an internet sensation these days? Being unique is a good start – one person’s rather mysterious looking pet has left social media users confused. Are they looking at a cat, or a dog??

The mystery pet, who has a rather dog-like appearance, is actually a young male Persian named “Atchoum,” who has hypertrichosis. The interesting condition is explained on the cat’s own Facebook page:

Hypertrichosisis a symptom of a hormonal disorder that manifests in man or woman, for an invasive hair on body parts. This disease can also appears on animals and provides my cat with a funny look.

Mysterious cat-dog

Atchoum lives in Quebec and has a hefty Instagram following (nearly 165k). The cat’s thousands of fans are in love with his unusual looks – most every post includes, “I love him!” to “he’s my new fave!”

You can follow this rather awesome cat on Instagram here, or find him on Facebook at this link.

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  1. Well, I have a “cat-dog” but she looks suspiciously like a purebred Yellow Lab. LOL. I call her “cat-dog” because she is aloof and spends many hours alone in my bedroom. She comes to me when SHE wants attention.


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