Monkey tortured and killed by India medical students

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Four medical students from the prestigious Christian Medical College in Vellore, India have already failed their oaths, whether it be saving the lives of humans or animals. In a disturbing case of animal cruelty, a one-year-old female monkey was tortured and killed after she accidentally entered the hostel room of the students. According to an animal lover’s Facebook page, another activist told him about the monkey torture; once posted, the photos of the disgusting act went viral leading to the apprehension of the  students.

Shravan Krishnan shared the egregious situation after writing a post describing the heart wrenching monkey torture on Saturday, November 19:

“They tied her hands and started abusing and torturing her by beating her with sticks and belts, broke her legs, jaw and finally put a rod up her anus and killed her.”

Krishnan stated the students carried the monkey’s body out and buried her behind the hostel. As students became aware of the situation, they urged the college to act. Another student called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for emergency help. According to the NewsMinute, the monkey’s body was exhumed and sent for a necropsy:

“The post mortem showed that the monkey’s neck, hands and legs were tied up with a phone wire. The animal’s knee, neck and ankle were fractured implying that it was thrashed. The worst cruelty that the animal was subjected to, was that it was impaled with a sharp object from behind and it came out the front.”

Animal cruelty charges under IPC section 429 and various sections of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 have been registered against Jasper Samuel Sahoo, Rohit Kumar Yenukotti, Arun Loui Sasi Kumar and Alex Chekalayil at Bagayam police station. The four students are being questioned, and were suspended on Wednesday from the school after an internal committed preliminary investigation.

The monkey belonged to the Bonnet Macaque species listed under Indians protected species.

Rest in peace sweet little monkey. (Photos of monkey tortured via Facebook Shravan Krishnan)

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    • They will be lucky getting a job cleaning publi c toilets. Where was your heads, do you worship Satin and his demons? This will haunt you the rest of your lives and rightfully so.

  1. You f****** their heads how could you do something like that take to steal Ross’s from right through your eyes with your f****** eyes I’ll see you never see you again tell him making you happy

  2. These bastards need the same doing to them : they don’t deserve to go about there lives with out punishment sick bastards : how cruel: the pain of the monkey enduring time by not one but four how brave they all must feel about themselves

  3. Those vial monsters should get the same treatment. If they can do this to an innocent animal then they also should have to go through it themselves, they don’t deserve to live !!!

  4. My God! They should be banned from medical school for life. Who would want these scum to practice anything on them. I can’t fathom what kind of a black soul does this. Pure evil. They should be locked away from society for the remainder of their depraved miserable coward loves. They deserve the death penalty for an act such as this.

  5. Tie them up break there jaws there legs and inpail something in to there anus cavity! That should be the justice this poor poor Monkey deserves! Im a ferm believer in an eye for an eye !

  6. This makes me sick this Christian Medical College in Vellore, India should be investigated too, are they teaching this or what, this and another Medical College in India though a dog off the roof whats going on over their.


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