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Model pit bull went for trial foster and never looked back

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A pit bull, who was a captivating model for photographer Sophie Gamand, recently went to a foster home on a trial basis, and things went so well that she never looked back. On Sunday, Gamand, who has the wildly popular Pit Bull Flower Power series, gushed about the recent adoption of her former doggy-model, “Angel.”

Gamand explained that Angel had been homeless for quite some time – the tides of fortune began to change when a man named Bob began to volunteer at the  DAWS: Danbury Animal Welfare Society shelter in Connecticut. Bob spent a considerable amount of time at the shelter’s play yard – especially with the dogs who seemed to need it the most.

It was during this extra time that Bob and Angel got to know one another – eventually, Bob inquired with the shelter to see if he might be a good match for her. A trial foster situation was set up and things went so well that Bob decided that Angel had to be a permanent part of his family. Gamand wrote, “Bob never brought Angel back… She was home! They already had their little routine, car rides and naps on her own loveseat.”

Angel, described as an affectionate “wiggle-butt” even worked her charm on one of Bob’s neighbors, who expressed a fear and dislike for pit bulls. Gamand wrote of Angel’s first encounter with the neighbor,  “A woman across the parking lot yelled at him, “Is that a pit bull?” and Bob said “Yes, this is Angel, she loves to meet new people, would you like to meet her?” and she said no, she was scared of them because of a bad experience.”

The wiggle butting eventually won the woman over enough that she not only approached Angel, but she even decided that the “scary pit bull” was sweet enough to be a friend. Gamand wrote “Soon she was petting Angel. Now, that lady just runs across the parking lot excitedly yelling “Angel!” to go see them!”

Happy new life Angel!

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