Missing dog discovered in a well

Missing dog discovered in well
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A missing dog was recently discovered in the bottom of a well. Amazingly, the seven-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, named “Bruno,” had managed to miraculously survive in the muddy well for nearly a month.

On Wednesday, the Prairie Animal Health Centre in Estevan (Canada) broke the amazing story to Facebook followers:

When the call came in that a dog missing for weeks was found trapped in a well, we didn’t know what to expect. Bruno a 7 year old chocolate lab arrived in the worst condition imaginable. Bruno needed our help in a way none of us had experienced before.

According to the veterinary clinic, the extended time in the well left Bruno dehydrated, hypothermic, malnourished and fighting an infection. The clinic wrote, “Bruno showed us what a fighter he was. From those first few hours he showed us his love for life and strength to endure by using what little strength he had to roll over for a tummy rub. With each passing hour he grew stronger. By day 5 he was able to stand for a brief moment on his own and even barking at a passing dog near his kennel.”

The veterinary hospital noted that Bruno’s time in the well left him with a loss of 45 percent of his body mass, and a condition known as “re-feeding syndrome.” The miracle survivor was transferred to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine where he is receiving life-saving care from a veterinary nutritionist.

According to Estevan Mercury News, Bruno’s owners,  John and Cindy Billesberger, noted that Bruno was lost on September 17 – the day that he likely fell into the well. Thanks to one of the couple’s other dogs, Bruno was discovered in the well on October 14, reported ABC News.

John Billesberger told ABC News, “I couldn’t believe it, Icouldn’t believe it. It’s just so great to have my friend back.

(Photo via Prairie Animal Health Centre FB page)

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  1. I have no doubt he was holding on to see his people again. What an amazing story of survival. Welcome back Bruno. I’d love to be at that homecoming.

  2. I’m amazed that Bruno survived. He obviously has a very strong will to live. I wonder if he tried to get attention by barking….maybe the well was too far away from any buildings, etc.

    Get well soon, Bruno. You have a family waiting for you to return.


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