Miracle puppy beats the odds after 400+ bee stings

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A puppy in Phoenix, Arizona, is lucky to be alive after he was stung hundreds of times by an angry swarm of bees. According to Tuesday’s NBC4i News, the pit bull puppy, named “Tramp,” was outside of his owner’s home on Saturday when a swarm of bees living in a hive next door attacked – when Tramp was treated at a veterinary hospital, over 400 stingers were pulled from his swollen body.

Tramp’s owner,  Jeremy Denoyer, was stung several times himself when he tried to rescue the puppy from the vicious swarm of bees – according to CBS 5 News, Cynthia Jones, the veterinarian who treated the puppy said that his case was the worst she had seen in her entire career. Dr. Jones noted that most dogs his size would have died from that many stings…

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Denoyer’s other dog, “Lady,” also suffered 50 stings in Saturday’s attack – the hive still remains in the vacant house next door. It is unclear if anyone will be removing the hive, and the dangerous bees, from the house.

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(Photos screenshot via NBCi 4 news)

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  1. virginia green says:

    glad to know the dog is ok .that is alot of bees. i hope the people removed all the bees and board it up so no one could get into the house at all.

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    The city REALLY NEEDS to TAKE CARE OF THIS I is LIFE Threatening to MANY humans that are allergic to bee’s some walking by couel get the same treatment as these poor little dogs and their owner!!! For GOD”S Sake let the POWER”S that be GET THEIR HEADS out of the dark crevice and REALIZEW how Dangerous this REALLY IS!!! I am an RN and have seen HUMANS in a near death crisis because of NUMEROUS BEE STINGS….


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