Milo, betrayed by family and neglected by shelter vets

Milo as he appeared when Recycled Love Dog Rescue came to his aid.
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A two-year-old small dog was recently relinquished to the San Bernardino County Shelter in California as a stray by someone who was obviously his owner. His fur was badly matted, yet he went along willingly and obediently trusting everyone to do right by him. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Milo was betrayed by his family and may have been neglected by shelter vets.

Because he was brought in as a stray, Milo was placed under a stray hold until November 2nd in the event an owner other than the person who dropped him off showed up to re-claim him.

After only one day off stray hold, the shelter issued an ultimatum; have a rescue pick him up or the dog would be euthanized.   Their excuse for shortening his “adopt-ability” time – because he had a medical issue involving his genitals.  San Bernardino County apparently sent him to the emergency vet and their idea of “treating him” was to staple his genitals and put in a single stitch.  After this “treatment” he was sent back to the shelter. A few days later, the shelter sent Milo to another vet’s office; Advanced Pet Care of San Bernardino where the staff reportedly did not take the time to clean him up or remove the metal staple left dangling from his penis. They gave the verdict; find a rescue or he would be put to sleep.

Upon hearing Milo’s story, Phyllis Smith-Vanboxtel Osh from Recycled Love Dog Rescue immediately went to pick him up. She was horrified to see the condition he was in after visiting two separate vets during his stay at San Bernardino County. He smelled badly, and the vet never even shaved the area where they performed the crude surgical procedure.

Phyllis took Milo to her own vet who shaved his matted fur and removed the staple. Through it all Milo was a sweet, good boy who was content to finally have gentle, caring hands touching him. Although Milo’s story had a happy rescue ending, he was let down by so many people in his two years of life. First and foremost, his “family” who neglected him, dumped him at the San Bernardino County Shelter repaying his years of loyalty to them by declaring him a stray. Then came the disappointment of the San Bernardino County Shelter and the two veterinarians whose job it is to care for the animals.  They were in a hurry to put him to sleep without even removing the surgical staple from his body.

Milo will need another corrective surgery and Recycled Love Dog Rescue will need donations to help defray the cost. In addition to rescuing Milo, they have also recently taken in two litters of puppies, three dogs needing medical treatments and a senior dog. They are a 501(c) (3) rescue so all donations are tax deductible.  Donations can be sent via Paypal to [email protected].

(Photo: shelter vets via Pet Harbor)

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  1. You see this story and it makes you wonder how many other dogs this sort of thing happens to. I would venture a guess that Milo’s story isn’t unique and many other pets have suffered such treatment at the hands of their former owners and the actual shelters and vets that are supposed to be there to help them. They all should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. No problem I will take the Staples and I’ll put him through the veterinarian’s f****** I will never ever ever ever able to work with animals again he’s not fit to work with animals good luck Miloe you deserve better

  3. This makes me vomit! Shelters were built to help animals in need, to vet them, care for them, teach them humans are safe, to love them and show them it’s okay to love back. Most importantly to find them loving forever homes. Shelters are the complete opposite! It seems they’re top priority is to deny medical treatment, never show love or compassion, to hurry up and murder them to get them out of the way. Milo was treated horrifically! Although not surprised I’m horrified at his vile treatment… Bless the rescue to reached out to Milo and touched his soul with kindness, who gave him what he needed!!! I’ve sent a donation for Milo and those in need, although not millions I hope it helps. Please keep us updated on dear Milos status!

  4. Those vets that did this to this innocent creature need to lose their licenses & be charged with animal cruelty…& the shelter that employs them needs to be shut down !! Now to the owners..neglect, abuse cruelty charges need to be filed & enforced…
    I hope & pray this sweet baby finds a great, loving home & SOON!!!!

  5. Thank God, Miloe was not KILLED! Some of these shelters are all about space, time and money! And so are some Vets, that are suppose to be HUMANE! And yes they ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. I hope they will post the names of the vets that were half ass treating Miloe. So everyone will know about the shelter and the two vets for future reference and SAFETY!


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