Urgent shepherd

Middle-aged shepherd…my name is ‘Urgent’

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A middle-aged German shepherd is at risk of being put down at the San Bernardino City Shelter in California. The dog’s name is not truly “Urgent,” (he is actually known as Bobo) but for the time being, his situation dictates that “Urgent” be the designated name.

Bobo became “urgent” as of October 15 – this seven-year-old shepherd is extraordinarily confused and scared inside of his kennel run. On October 15, the following words were shared on Facebook, along with a video, of Bobo:

Today BO BO was shivering in fear, nipped at adopter? He’s been through so much the past week! Bo Bo was surrendered by original owners, that kept tied outside , then adopted by adopter who did knows what? Hasn’t he been through enough? BoBo is neutered and on quarantine hold.”

Currently, Bobo is laying on the cement and shaking in fear…everything that Bobo once knew is gone. The faces and voices which were once familiar have disappeared – all he hears now are the barks and cries of other homeless dogs who are equally stressed, scared and confused.

Bobo could use the help of a rescue agency who can help him unwind and relax. An organization which can accurately evaluate him and determine what type of home he should join.

BoBo’s information:

  • Adopt-A-Pet Profile here
  • PET ID# A388737 – BOBO/AGE: 7 years old
  • San Bernardino City Animal Shelter
    333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
    Telephone: (909) 384-1304
  • All inquiries about this dog’s health, availability and temperament must be made to the facility directly

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15 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    This is ONE of the saddest photos I have seen !!!!! Just looking at the poor confused dog Who still has a lot of years to GIVE & RECEIVE LOVE lying on a wet urine soaked floor in a Kennel at the HIGH KILL SHELTER in San Bernardino Ca. Who very possibility will not make it out make Me Want to Cry!!! He really deserves to have a Chance , but California is almost impossible in even allowing Rescues , and not will at all to work with out of STATE RESCUES so his chances are slim to nothing of help!!!

  2. Tim McDonald says:

    If he hasn’t been rescued, I will drive from Colorado to save this poor soul. Please Great Creator, let someone already have stepped up…

  3. Carolyn Stapleton says:

    It’s cruel to show a dog and beak our hearts then not give an update!!!! Was he adopted?? You had offers, or did you kill him and remain silent just to get donations to save him. This disgust me!!! Why happened to “Urgent” “Bobo”

  4. lizinflorida says:

    I found it on the shelter site. Bobo was adopted. Yea!

    Adopt URGENT on 10/15 SAN BERNARDINO the Dog –
    This Pet Has Been Adopted
    San Bernardino, CA
    Rescue ID
    A388737 – BOBO


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