Man wanted for beating a dog to death

Man wanted for beating a dog to death

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Have you seen this man? He is wanted by authorities in Peru, Indiana, for allegedly beating a dog to death. According to Friday’s WLFI News, the wanted man, identified as 24-year-old Corbin Jones, was witnessed beating a dog on Monday, December 5.

The witness reached out to the authorities to report the cruel situation – the same witness successfully removed the dog from Jones and went home to await the Peru police officers’ arrival. When the authorities arrived, they found the dog with blood and bruises and noted that the dog was having problems breathing.

The owner of the dog, not Jones, arrived and loaded the dog into a vehicle to go to a veterinary hospital in Fort Wayne – the dog did not survive the trip. Though the dog died, the owner still went to the veterinary hospital where the full extent of the fatal injuries were noted.

After the veterinary report, the police were able to obtain a warrant from the Miami County Superior Court II for Jones’ arrest – he is facing a felony charge for killing a domestic animal.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Jones, they are asked to call Miami County Central Dispatch at 765-473-5522. Anyone with any further information about the case is asked to call Sgt. Samantha Raber at 765-473-2150, ext. 510.

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  1. Edward says:

    I know Indiana very well and that piece of s*** he’s never been pushed over his head she was f***** eyeballs pop out to the back or the back to the front you f****** piece of garbage when will my baby make it slow and surely painful basically I would take I tried but it was always watch them burn out so we can never hurt another animal as long as as long as long as this piece of garbage you live can I take my bat and break his f****** needs we can never ever walk againthats just for starters

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    The USA Is Becoming like the 3rd world countries, India, China, Korea, Turkey, for maiming , torture, murder, sexually abusing, our Beloved Pet Population!!! our Law Enforcement , judicial, and citizens, (LIKE THE ONE WHO STEPPED IN TO HELP THIS POOR UNFORTUNATE PUP) have TO GET OUR POOP IN A GROUP AND DEMAND LAWS TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES Then INFORCE THE LAWS to PUP A STOP TO THE CONTINUATION OF THE HORRIFIC TREATMENT in OUR PROUD COUNTRY!!!


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