Man who tortured puppy to death sentenced to ‘some’ jail time

Man who tortured puppy to death is sentenced
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A Salt Lake City, Utah, man who tortured his girlfriend’s puppy to death has been sentenced to “some” jail time. The puppy killer, Mikah Johnson, who was 19-year-old when he tortured and killed the border collie puppy named “Moose,” was sentenced to a year in jail on Friday reported KUTV News.

Johnson was also sentenced to prison time, which was suspended, in addition to three years of probation and 200 hours of community service. Johnson’s charges and sentencing follow extreme torture and abuse to the three-month-old puppy who died on August 18, 2015 from multiple injuries, including blunt force trauma, a fractured jaw, widespread bruising, a ruptured liver and bleeding in his lungs.

Johnson’s neighbors reported hearing Moose being struck multiple times and crying in pain and his girlfriend admitted that she had seen Johnson kick the puppy down the stairs for not walking fast enough.

Johnson could have faced up to 10 years in prison for the crime.

Prior article about the torture and death of Moose here.

(Photo/Booking photo Salt Lake County)

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  1. Only one year? I suppose with good behavior he’ll be out in a month. Why isn’t his stupid girlfriend in jail with him? I hope the judge ordered that he can never own another pet again ever.

  2. Prison time was suspended?? WTF? Moose, I’m sorry your death was in vain and that you suffered at the hands of this spawn of Satan. I also think this POS’ girlfriend is just as guilty – she saw the SOB kick Moose down the stairs. If I ever have a man in my life again (I’ve been divorced for 4 years), all it would take is ONE time of seeing him mistreat my dogs and he would wish he’d never been born.

  3. How can anyone ever think that this punishment is sufficient punishment for the atrocities that he has committed? We need to demand harsher punishment for crimes against animals!

  4. A scumbag real man taking out girlfriends dog I’ll let you see hopefully get your f****** ass whooped or even kill that f****** jail when they find out that you attacked a border collie a very good thing creature you piece of s*** stores in your mouth put your ass mother f*****

  5. Well this monster is coming out soon thanks to the legal system. END of the day it is just the dollar an cents. To the legal law animals are just animals not worth to have headache over.

  6. Could have? SHOULD HAVE! 10 yrs would be just enough time to get his attention. The girlfriend should be sitting behind bars too for not protecting her pup.


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