Man shoots dog for chewing his dentures

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In St. Albans, West Virginia, a 63-year-old man has been charged with felony animal cruelty after shooting his dog for chewing his dentures. According to WsazNews, Charles Gillispie was arrested by deputies on Tuesday after authorities received a complaint concerning animal cruelty to a dog.

When authorities arrived at Gillispie’s home located on West Main Street, they found a small white dog lying dead in a cage. The dog had been shot twice in the face and died as a result of the injuries. Gillispie said he shot the dog while it was in the cage. He complained the dog had chewed up his expensive false teeth, and had frequently chewed up other things in the home.

So Mr. Gillispie – why didn’t you supply your dog with toys and treats he could chew on? Obviously the little dog needed mental, emotional and physical stimulation.

Gillispie is being held at South Central Regional Jail on a $25,000 property bond.

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(Photo of chewing his dentures via West Virginia Regional Jail)

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  1. Two dogs, lots of toys, etc. I don’t have any problems whatsoever with things being chewed up, and haven’t since Livia was a puppy. This POS inbred scumbag obviously cares more about his beer and cigarettes than his dog, or the dog would have toys and play time. There is no reason for creatures like this one to even exist, or at least remain outside the walls of a cage.

  2. Hey a****** the first thing I would do is take your f****** ugly face and beard and f****** late it up then take your f****** ass and I come out with a f****** nice pics you f****** piece of s*** be so f****** hillbilly redneck mother f****** garbage

  3. WHY did he leave his dentures in a place low enough for the dog to get them. It’s his fault the dog got to them. If you don’t want your dog to chew on something don’t leave it in a place where it’s accessible!!! It’s NOT rocket science!!!

    • I’m asking the same question. Especially since he knows the dog has chewed “other things”. Moron! The poor dog was probably starved for attention/companionship.

  4. I’m liking the $25,000 property bond. Does that mean he has to put up something of that value? Pretty sure he wouldn’t have much of value for collateral.

  5. I learned a long time ago, if you don’t want something chewed you keep it out of reach of your dog, Charles Gillispie is a POS and needs to pay dearly for this. Rest in peace poor little dog.


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