Man who sacrificed dog in barbecue smoker sent to jail

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In Goodyear, Arizona, a father who sacrificed the family dog by killing it and then putting it into a barbecue smoker was sentenced on Friday to six-months in jail by Judge Brad Astrowsky, reports News12. 

Patrick Thompson will also serve three years of supervised probation and is barred from owning any pets. He was convicted of one felony count of cruelty to animals and one misdemeanor count of assault. A former ASU football player, Thompson told authorities in May that he had an argument with his 17-year-old daughter over a t-shirt the teen had been wearing, and the verbal exchange escalated into Thompson believing the devil had been involved. At that time, he forced his daughter to take off the shirt, and Thompson burned it in the family’s backyard barbecue.

Thompson later admitted to police he had smoked marijuana that day, and after the argument with his daughter, he went into the home and told his family that he had to sacrifice a male – and thus became the choice between his six-year-old son and the family’s tiny poodle. With that, Thompson grabbed the dog, broke her neck and threw her into the smoker stating the devil made him do it. The arrest report read:

“He began to have a vision that something bad was going to happen to his family and that ‘the Lord’ was going to kill him for what he had done. The defendant stated that from his readings in the Bible he knew that he had to make a male sacrifice and that he was not going to sacrifice himself or his firstborn son so he told his family that it was going to be the family dog.”

(Photo Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. I HATE it when people blame pot for the evil they do, because pot does NOT cause anyone to behave this way! PCP, yes! Cocaine, okay! LSD, yes! But pot;;; NO WAY!!! He gave it as an excuse for an evil deed and KNEW the stupid cops, D.A., and judge would buy it thanks to all of the propaganda. This guy should have spent every bit of that sentence behind bars, not on probation.

    • Pot can be laced with all kinds of other drugs and chemicals. People lace pot with heroine and meth and they have rolled it in embalming fluid. I despise all drugs that are illegal and legal drugs used inproperly. People do crazy things on drugs. Just look at the crazy sob in Kentucky who was using meth and pills and left his dog tied to the truck and drug that poor pup until the flesh was gone down to the bone marrow. That was on this site maybe over a month ago. Pot can be laced with LSD as well, and how would anyone know if they are sharing the pot with someone. Best not to do any and live a clean, wholesome life. I would much rather deal with reality and not do crazy things in my life that affect other innocent human beings and precious animals.

      • You are comparing apples to oranges when you compare pot to LSD, meth, or any of those other drugs, INCLUDING alcohol! It’s plain you don’t know anything about the subject. Yes, it is true that it can be laced with other drugs, although if that does happen, people KNOW what they are using: it does NOT happen by accident. It is useful as a medicine, and I had a doctor tell me to smoke it 30 years ago to prevent another asthma attack from putting me in the emergency room, which of course, I declined to do, being a single mother who didn’t want to end up in jail due to the excessive penalties of our government over what should be a legal drug. That doctor, by the way is one of the most respected doctors in the area. It’s also useful for a number of other areas: the same thing that keeps asthma attacks away is the same mechanism that would prevent me from EVER having another migraine, something I’ve suffered from since I was in middle school. Pot would be less dangerous than the medication I take now, which has all kinds of possible side effects. Do some research, please, before you go on about “clean living”: THAT drug is useful as a medication, something we know they knew in ancient times.

  2. I hope this maggot SOS is killed in jail. I’m not going to mince words anymore. I’m fed up with these animal abusers getting off with these lame excuses & pathetic sentences. They don’t deserve the right time a day.

  3. Yes the “Devil” made him do it, how wonderful he chose the poodle instead of his son. I hope the boy’s mother has enough sense to keep this POS away from her son. “The defendant stated that from his readings in the Bible he knew that he had to make a male sacrifice and that he was not going to sacrifice himself or his firstborn son so he told his family that it was going to be the family dog.”. Really? where in the Bible does it say anything like this and what did he do to his daughter that would warrant such a sacrifice?. Blaming it on Marijuana is absurd, he was on something a lot more potent than that! I hope someone, while he is serving his big 6 months in jail, takes care of this POS permanently! Society doesn’t need a nut case like this on the streets.

  4. He knew what the hell he was doing. What an Ass! People who do any harm to a dog or any other animal should do hard labor or do what they do to the animal. Maybe if this punishment is done, people like this will think twice before harming another dog or animal. Stupid, Disgusting people!

  5. It angers me horribly that judges basically do no more then give slaps on the wrist. 2 weeks, a month or two, how does that justify these vicious crimes? Judges have taught humans that no matter the amount of torture, abuse, neglect they do they’ll get no prison time other then a few weeks vacation. It’s not right! These vile people should be getting sentences of no less then 5 years for their crimes. Judges obviously have no compassion for animals or the suffering they endured. It makes me very angry!!!


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