Man has punching match with kangaroo to save his dog

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In the rural Australian Outback, a viral video has emerged of a man waging a punching match with a large kangaroo in order to save his dog in the dangerous clutches of an aggressive animal. According to the New Zealand Herald, the video has been shared more than three million times.

The person involved in the clash between marsupial and man has not been identified, but the two stood “toe to toe” as the human tried his best to save his dog “Max.” A friend videoed the encounter from the safety of his car while the men and their dogs had been on a hunting

The video shows a white truck coming to a stop as one of the men is calling for “Max”; the man sounds genuinely worried about the safety of his dog. Suddenly the truck stops as the man jumps out and runs towards the dog who has cornered the kangaroo.

“The big buck actually has hold of the dog, not the other way around,” described the narrator of the situation. “As the man runs in, we realize this could get dangerous.”

While the kangaroo is shown having a headlock on the dog, the human approaching doesn’t seem to startle the animal, and at that point the kangaroo stands up on his two feet and the man throws a punch sending the animal reeling backwards. The dog escaped and within seconds, the dog is on his way back to the truck as the marsupial decides this entire debacle isn’t worth the trouble and bounds away.

There has been speculation that this entire event may not have occurred. You be the judge. The video is posted below. Photos via freezeshots from the YouTube Facebook video.

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  1. Stranger things have happened. Can’t tell from the video if it appears real of not, but perhaps if these men didn’t have their dogs out hunting, the dogs wouldn’t have been at risk???


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