Man egging his 2 dogs to attack defenseless kitten caught on video

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In  a disturbing act of animal cruelty, an east Detroit man was caught on a home surveillance video encouraging his two dogs to attack a defenseless kitten, reports caught on video dog to get kitten

Tragically the kitten was found mauled to death on July 24 on Collingham, and the man responsible for the heinous act can actually be seen poking the tiny kitten with a stick while egging his dogs on. One of the dogs is then seen grabbing the kitten and running away. Later that day, the mother cat is seen wandering the area calling for her kitten.

Greg Kelly, a member of the Detroit 300 group and the Detroit Dog Rescue want to find this man so he can be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

“I feel like it was a real cruel thing to do. People out here are doing some real nasty things to animals,” stated Kelly.

A $1,500 reward has been offered by the Detroit Dog Rescue to identify the person responsible leading to the man’s arrest and conviction. One can only shiver in fear to think what someone like this could do to a child, an older person or a woman not able to defend themselves. It is believed this man lives in the neighborhood.

(Photo freeze shot from submitted video)

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  1. maxiemom says:

    THIS is someone for whom ‘second amendment rights’ need to be utilized. He needs to be taken out of the population and genetic pool permanently! Let’s hope the disgusting creature has not yet reproduced because scum like this generally produces equally vile offspring.

  2. virginia green says:

    find him and lock up the dogs for good and charge him with killing a 4 legged kid wearing fur and also killing the mothers heart because he killed her baby.keep him in jail for good also.he had not felings at all for what he was teaching his dogs at ,sorry to the mommy cat for her lost of her baby.

  3. Penny's Dachshund says:

    ONE thing for CERTAIN (animal lives most certainly DON’T MATTER to “THIS “particular PERSON! ) and on and on it goes!!!!!

  4. Penny's Dachshund says:

    I commend MR. Greg Kelly for TAKING a STAND AGAINST THIS Torture Like incident that This young man displayed on the home video!!!! If NOT STOPPED and MADE to BE ACCOUNTABLE for the Horrific ACT what WILL HE DO NEXT !!!! ATTACK A CHILD HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BEFORE this progresses any further!!! He is also abusing his own animals by teaching them to KILL other animals!!!!

  5. Ed says:

    That video was comical seeing those two beautiful dogs attack that great-looking kitten that we couldn’t say I mean that was exciting what buddy I hope that you are listening these I would love to do this for you bring you into shark infested waters in Australia with the great whites hang you upside down on a boat I don’t want you screaming Agony in every part of the shark is attacking your body until you are so so dead and I’d be laughing my ass all the way piece of trash

  6. Linda Szymoniak says:

    This maddens me more than I can say. I found a tiny feral kitten five weeks ago today – she was only about two weeks old and two siblings had been killed by an animal or something, and the mother hadn’t been around for a while (possibly also killed?). I took her in and have been bottle feeding her and more recently getting her to eat regular food. I can’t even imagine intentionally hurting a sweet kitten like her. I just want to f***** strangle the monster who did this. Unfortunately, with an owner like that, the dogs are likely aggressive to other animals – he probably also has them fight with other dogs. Some day those dogs will be put down after attacking another animal or a human. The only one who deserves to be put down is the monster who is on this video. I really hope they catch him and he gets exactly what he deserves. Perhaps Karma will pay a visit and give him what he REALLY deserves.

  7. Stormy says:

    I have got to say this disgusting story, along with so many others, are scaring the HELL out of me!! Is there any compassion, respect for life, or even remorse anymore!? I’ve never been more glad that I never had children! Yes, it was a choice….


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