Man dies after dog attack

Man dies following attack by police officer’s dogs

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A man has succumbed to his injuries following an attack by a Grover Beach police officer’s personal dogs. According to Saturday’s San Luis Obispo, 64-year-old David Fear was attacked by a Belgian Malinois, and a German shepherd, on Tuesday and he died on Friday night.

Another individual, identified as 86-year-old Betty Long, was also injured in Tuesday’s attack – she has been hospitalized since the attack, but is expected to be released this weekend. According to a release from the Grover Beach Police Department, the Belgian Malinois was the apparent aggressor in the attack – that dog has already been euthanized. The German shepherd “has been secured” by his (or her) owner and will be evaluated as the investigation proceeds.

According to the release from the police department, the dogs implicated in the attack were not city property and they are not “involved with the city in any way.” The Grover Beach Police Department does not have any further comment on the situation.

According to the survivor, the dogs first attacked Long, while she was standing outside with her own small dog. When Fear attempted to intervene, the dogs turned on him.

(Stock photo of a Belgian Malinois via Pixabay free images)


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  1. maxiemom says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Most of the people in this neighborhood have dogs, all kinds of dogs, mixed breeds and all kinds of breeds, from Great Danes, pits, collies, to Chihuahuas. The meanest dog in our neighborhood belonged to a cop who lived a couple of houses down from me: in fact, he built an 8 ft. high fence to protect the pit next door from HIS dog. It was not unusual for me to see the pit cower next to the fence as that shepherd belonging to the cop attempted to dig under the fence to get to her, growling all the while.

  2. linda says:

    How unfortunate for this to have happened. Wonder if the police officer purposely trained these dogs to be aggressive. As a result one had to be euthanized.


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