Man claims Chihuahua ran into window and broke it before falling out of second story

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A New Carlisle, Ohio man was arrested on Monday evening for allegedly tossing a Chihuahua out of the window of a second story apartment, reports WhioNews.

Dustin M. Jackson, 28, pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges in Clark County Municipal Court on Tuesday, claiming the dog had bitten him and ran into the window causing the window to break and then jumped out.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office however, deputies arrived at the Sunshine Apartments located on Dayton Lakeview Road after an eyewitness saw the Chihuahua bounce off of the rocky ground. Abc6News reports Cheryl Blair had been sitting on her porch early Monday morning when she glanced up and saw the tiny dog flying out the window.

“There was hands on this dog like, it was like throwing a football,” stated Blair as she described the  incident to AbcNews.

And that’s when she yelled to Jackson what the “heck was going on?” Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly arrested Jackson; stating that throwing a dog with such force as to break a window and throw it out was extremely disturbing to everyone.

“It sends a loud statement that a small, little, defenseless dog is as important as a child. And that we take these charges and investigations seriously,” said Sheriff Kelly.

Once  the dog hit the ground, family members, the Humane Society of Clark County and residents of the apartment complex searched for the frightened dog.  He was later found – reports indicate he suffered cuts and scratches to his legs and his side, however no official statement has been released as to the dog’s condition or if the dog has been returned to the home where Jackson resides with his mother.

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