Man charged for having sex with a cow

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A Missouri man is on the receiving end of unwanted media attention after he was allegedly caught having sex with a cow who was inside of a barn in Fair Grove. According to Monday’s KCENTV News, on June 10, a woman noticed a car parked near her barn and she went inside to investigate.

The woman claims that she walked in on 68-year-old Darrell Helton sexually assaulting a cow. The woman called the cops and the accused man told the authorities that it was not the first time that he had engaged in sexual activity with a cow – in fact, it was his second time assaulting a cow on the same Fair Grove property, reported the Springfield News Leader.

Helton’s alleged bovine indiscretion has led to a charge of  unlawful sex with an animal – according to the Kansas City Star, the story, and charge, has also resulted in a “Twitter Field Day” with an abundance of  “hump the cow” and “holy cow” Tweets.

Helton’s charge is a Class A Misdemeanor which could result in up to one year behind bars.

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