Man accused of killing his beagle puppy

Man accused of throwing beagle puppy into freezer

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A 45-year-old man in  Cheboygan County, Michigan, is accused of throwing a beagle puppy into the side of a freezer. According to Up North Live, the accused animal abuser is identified as Thomas Distasio – a man with a criminal history who has been described as a “habitual offender.”

Distasio is accused of kicking, stomping and throwing the four-month-old beagle whose name was “Maggie”…the alleged abuse claimed the puppy’s life. According to Mlive. the cruel incident took place because Distasio was angry that the puppy was getting into the trash.

Maggie was still alive when she was rushed to a veterinarian for treatment, but her injuries proved to be un-survivable.

The incident resulted in Distasio’s arrest – he was taken to the Cheboygan County Jail and held on $100,000 bail.

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  1. Sarah Sarkissian says:

    How was he able to get this puppy? What an SOB! You know what just do the same damn thing to him. I do not like people who do any harm to an animal especially a defenseless puppy dog. What a JERK. I would love to put this guy in the freezer. This is really happening way too much with these precious dogs.

    • SHELLY R BERCHEM says:

      I know Im crying my eyes out, just heart breaking… Look at MAGGIE’S precious face… He is an evil low life piece of shit. How could he hurt her like this… I hope he goes to prison and dies there never to breath another breath. Nothing will ever bring little Maggie back though just a baby, a puppy. I pray to God that the judge never allows him or his partner to ever OWN ANOTHER ANIMAL EVER AGAIN IN THERE LIFE. Im so hurt over this, I cannot imagine taking my anger out on a precious pet like this. It said in the article that the EVIL bastard is an habitual criminal and could face four years in jail! IF THE PROSECUTOR AND THE JUDGE GET THIS WRONG AND THIS EVIL BASTARD DOES NOT DO 4 FULL YEARS THEN THEY ARE SCREWED UP TOO! I WOULD NOT RE-ELECT A PROSECUTOR OR JUDGE THAT DID NOT LOCK THIS MONSTER UP FOR THE FULL FOUR YEARS!!!

    • J Wood says:

      prisoners hate dog abusers. They’ll take care of this guy. Doesn’t help the pup, but hopefully once he gets his beat downs he’ll never do it again.

    • Chanel Simpson says:

      I was Heart broken I have no Idea how he even got this puppy I am the original owner of this puppy he has six other siblings my intent was to only have the best homes for theses dogs I live in California I have no idea how a dog from California got to Michigan I called Michigan Sheriff’s department and they still have him in custody Michigan is three hours ahead of us but I will call the DA tomorrow and let them no my dog is not expendable I am just Heart broken Laws need to change

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why does a monster like this even have a puppy? It they get so angry from a puppy doing normal puppy mischief, then don’t have a dog! This POS needs jail time and 4 years mentioned in the Up North Alive report just doesn’t do it! I would also like to know who the “witness” was and why they didn’t at least try to stop this monster! Rest in peace little Maggie, you didn’t deserve this at all!

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    Look into the dead eyes of this Son of a Bitch!!! He has NO SOUL and should be sent to Hell with a 38 slug …. No too quick …. find a MEAT LOCKER and let it be SLOW like he Killed that POOR little Girl PUP!!!

  4. Darla says:

    This reminds me of a neighbor years ago who had a Beagle named Minnie. He used to practically drown her in water from the garden hose. This POS was an alcoholic and had severe anger issues. We ended up moving because he was harassing us. He was a former cop who quit before he got fired. He still had a gun and knew exactly what line he couldn’t cross during the harassment. One day, Minnie was gone. I always wondered what happened to her.

  5. Chanel Simpson says:

    My name is Chanel Simpson and I am the first owner of this dog it is heart breaking for me to see this it is and always has been my soul purpose to make sure that my puppys go to good homes I live in California but I will do every thing I can to make sure the D A in Michigan procusacutes to the fullest extent permitted what a piece of shit


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