Man accused of attacking dog with machete

Man accused of slashing dog with machete during deer hunt

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A Virginia man is accused of severely injuring a dog with a machete. According to WQAD 8, the accused dog slasher is identified as Cortland Daniel McBeth.

McBeth allegedly admitted that he sliced open a young dog named “Butch” during a deer hunt on Saturday afternoon. Butch’s owner, Dameon Brooks, said that another member of his hunt club confronted McBeth after finding the nine-month-old pup with a laceration on his side – the man allegedly admitted that he slashed the dog in order to “protect his livestock.”

The incident has resulted in charges against McBeth, including  animal cruelty and impending a hunt, reported WTVR News. The injured puppy underwent surgery at the Warsaw Animal Clinic – his long term prognosis is unknown.

(Photo via QUAD 8 News)

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  1. maxiemom says:

    Someone needs to take that machete to McBeth. Filthy scumbag. From what I can see, he’s also a habitual criminal: in other words, a complete waste of space,

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    SO what IN the HELL would this POS be going with a Machete???? IS the Son of A Bitch a ZULU WARRIOR!!!! A PIRATE of the RANGE!!! Someone Should have POKED That Machete UP his ANUS and removed any Hemorrhoids, or Pyles,,, along with his innards !!!!

  3. Brenda Minarik says:

    Are there any people out there that you can trust I say change the laws to fit the crime or better yet drop them off of a cliff (bye bye ????)

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    What livestock was he protecting from a 9 month old puppy? This moron needs to be put away or have a machete taken to him! if I had a choice, I’d choose the latter!

  5. Edward says:

    You dumb mother f***** I would take that machete and f****** cut your hands off that you feed and it never walk or talk another animal as long as you live you low-life Dirtbag piece of s*** or even better take f****** dry ice in a run your f****** eyes and burn your eyes out f****** s*** f****** piece of s***


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