Man accused of setting puppy on fire out of vengeance

Man accused of burning puppy allegedly did so out of vengeance

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The man accused of setting a young puppy on fire at a church parking lot in Columbia, South Carolina, allegedly committed the cruel deed out of vengeance. According to WYFF 4 News, prosecutors allege that the accused puppy-killer, 21-year-old Hykeem Dontavious Jabar Golson, set the pit bull puppy on fire as a “vengeful act” against his girlfriend.

Golson has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2012 – among Golson’s list of misdeeds are convictions for grand larceny and financial transaction card theft. He has also been arrested for drug charges, reckless driving and shoplifting – if convicted for the killing of the puppy, he can add felony ill treatment of animals to the list.

A witness called the authorities on Saturday night after seeing a screaming puppy on fire at the Grace United Methodist Church – investigators were able to locate Golson after questioning friends and witnesses to the crime.

Prior article about this disturbing animal cruelty case here.


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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    The People in this Country REALLY need More Hykeem’s to have to deal with!!! Did the STUPID BASTARD think Torture and Murder WOULD BRING HIS GIRLFRIEND BACK? IF SHE ACTUALLY LEFT HIM IT WAS THE SMARTEST DECESION SHE HAS MADE SINCE BIRTH!!!! HE NEEDS to BE TARRED and FEATHERED !!!!! Then set on Fire!!! OF Course this is a Civilized NATION and I know that isn’t appropriate !!!! He is lucky in that aspect THAT HE DOESN”T HAVE to FEEL THE HORRIFIC PAIN AND SUFFERING THAT POOR LITTLE DOG DID!!!!

  2. edward says:

    Let’s make it easy take that black trash piece of s*** come in the back and put a f****** gun to his f****** head and blow his mother f****** brains out I’ll do it for free you can’t like trash like that run around in this country of United States f****** revengeful Poppy girlfriend f*** you a******

  3. Linda Szymoniak says:

    He has a criminal history going back til at least 2012 – four years ago and he’s only 21. Sounds like he needs to be permanently imprisoned. This time was a puppy. What next time? A child? The girlfriend? Give a crowd of animal lovers just five minutes – and a can of accelerant and some matches – and let him know what the puppy suffered.

  4. susispot says:

    Right, moron. Kill her dog in the most torturous and heinous way. That will make her love you. Go to HELL. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. You bought a “one way” ticket.


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