Maltese dumped in trash with bruises and broken leg

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In Mount Hope, Bronx, a building superintendent found a tiny Maltese dumped in a trash can on Monday morning. The severely injured pooch was discovered in the bottom of the garbage bin behind an apartment building  located on 361 East 178th Street.

The tiny white dog had a cut above her eye and an obvious broken leg. The super thinks the dog had been badly beaten and left for dead in the trash.

According to AbcNews, a resident Gladys Vazquez and other residents, quickly wrapped the injured dog in blankets and offered her food. Believed to be no more that two years old, the sweet little female Maltese was transferred to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where she is now being treated. No reports of the dog’s prognosis have yet been announced as of this time.

Gladys, an ardent animal lover, stated she would love to adopt the little dog. Police are searching for the person who abandoned this dog. Anyone with information is asked to call the New York Police Department.

(Photo of Maltese dumped via NYPD screenshot)

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  1. lilsdad73 says:

    What a sweet little one, I hope they catch the monster who’s responsible for this unbelievable act of animal cruelty and get the nightstick ready. I hope that Gladys can adopt this little beauty then, and a lovely new home for her too. Best of luck and quick healing to you little one ❤️

  2. Edward says:

    Can I find you and smash your face I look close enough to you I know exactly where Mount Hope Bronx you piece of f****** garbage you touch that poor animal like that I need your eyes poked out with an icepick and then you’ll never be able to hurt another creature in this whole f****** world you will like piece of s***


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