Loving older owner unable to care for his 14-year-old dogs needs help

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If only everyone cared for their dogs as well as this older gentlemen has done for the last 14 years in Bakersfield, California, our shelters would be nearly empty. In this special case however, circumstances have changed, and the help of animal advocates is being called upon to help. Bakersfield man

The older man has given his three very sweet and affectionate bully dogs love and a wonderful home for their entire lives. Now no longer able to care for the dogs as to his declining health, a relative has rented the man a home in Morro Bay to be closer to his family and in a cooler climate to better accommodate his health issues. Bakersfield man 2

A care taker, who is a relative, will live with the older gentleman in the house, but unfortunately can only care for one of the three senior dogs. Bakersfield man 3

The other two dogs need help. Following is  the message posted on Facebook’s social media:

“These loves are spayed and neutered..female and male, up to date on shots and sweet as can be! They have never been apart in 14 years, but can be separated if that’s how it has to be 🙁 A relative has asked for my help.) Please help find these sweethearts a place to live out their lives together! PLEASE HELP AND SHARE. You can help donate a night’s stay at the boarding facility by phone directly to the vet’s office. Just say it’s for Penny and Harlow!” Bakersfield man 4

On Wednesday, Penny and Harlowe arrived at the veterinarian’s office and were being health checked; both dogs noted as extremely affectionate as they licked complete strangers with love and kindness. Follow the family’s  Facebook page as volunteer Melissa White regularly updates the plight of these two senior dogs who need our help. Bakersfield man 5

Donations to the Morro Bay Veterinary Clinic to cover Penny and Harlowe’s boarding costs can be called in; just mention their names. Please share their story and help these two find a home where they will continue to be loved and adored – just as any senior dog deserves. Bakersfield man info

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  1. mongibello says:

    How sad that this gentleman can only have one of his loving dogs. It’s a ‘Sophie’s choice’ I would hate to make.
    Prayers for a happy and speedy outcome.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Is it he can’t have 3 dogs where he is living or the caretaker doesn’t want to take care of 3 dogs? I am confused at that point. I pray for these pups, I hope another relative could step up or at least they can stay together.

  2. Penny"s Dachshund says:

    As WE all are aging THIS issue becomes more and more a BIG part of our lives! I can imagine how devastated is eloquent older gentleman is right now. One can tell for the photo how much he cares for his animals and his lovely home all to be left behind as he now has to depend on OTHER”S who are not understanding of his PLIGHT at this time in his life & to his devoted dogs who DO NOT have a clue HOW their lives are about to CHANGE…. Bless them all and I most certainly hope a very understand and loving individual will STEP up for HARLOW &PENNY and maybe they could be close enough where he could visit this Elder!


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