Levittown man arrested for beating his dog with a shovel

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In a heartless act of animal cruelty, a Levittown man was arrested on Friday for allegedly trying to suffocate his dog and then hitting it with a shovel over its head. According to the New York Post, Michael Gallagher dragged his shepherd onto the front lawn of his home and secured a zip tie around the dog’s neck. Next he threw the dog into a garbage bag and hit the dog in the head with a shovel.

A horrified neighbor who witnessed the egregious deed confronted Gallagher, 55, who then walked away. The witness then opened the bag, cut the zip tie and saw the dog had a gaping hole on top of his head. Authorities from the Nassau County police were called and the dog was rushed to the Levittown Animal Hospital where he was humanely euthanized.

Gallagher faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals and torturing or injuring animals/failure to provide sustenance. He was expected to arraigned on Saturday.

Rest in peace innocent dog. We hope you find justice.

(Photo of Levittown man via screenshot by the New York Post.)

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  1. You motherfucker I like to take a shovel and hit you in the fucking head with it with
    you fucking dirt bag I hope you fucking die you piece of shit

  2. Gallagher, YOU FUCK!

    I would have given ANYTHING to take this precious soul off your undeserving, criminal hands… yet you chose to take his life, instead.

    May you meet a similar – Biblically reciprocal – fate in prison, now that companion animal abuse IS A FEDERAL FELONY-LEVEL OFFENSE!

    Rest-in-peace, precious boy: I cannot imagine the pain and fear you felt through your last moments here on this earth… and I shall come find you at the Bridge one not-too-distant day, to shower you with the love and affection that was always your birthright!

  3. What an ignorant PUKE…VOMIT BREATH Peace of Shit!!! I hope U rot in HELL Gallagher!! Everyone, if U can’t take care of U’re pet properly then DON’T HAVE ONE!!!! Animal’s have all the right in the world to live on this Planet as we do!! This makes me so Angry!

  4. He should be beaten with a shovel too fucking bastard. I hope you get jail time and prisoners breaks avery bone in your POS body!!

  5. The dog was put down because of a gaping wound ? Did he get medical care first ? An an evaluation ? Or just killed ? The bastard owner should have been put down !!!!


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