Dog paralyzed after being shot in the back

The latest on young dog paralyzed after being shot in the back

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Updated information has been released on the injured, young dog who was discovered in Beaufort, South Carolina. The dog, a one-year-old Schnauzer mix dubbed “Snuffy,” was paralyzed after being shot in the back – according to the non-profit rescue group, Noah’s Arks Rescue, whoever shot the dog did so at point blank range.

The non-profit organization detailed what Snuffy’s veterinarian, Dr. Bergman, found during the examination, “Someone had SHOT Snuffy Point Blank in the back with a pellet gun, and the pellet was dead center in his Spinal Cord. The person that did this put the gun directly on the skin of Snuffy and FIRED. It was as if their intention was to sever the spine completely. The destruction was so great, that hair was embedded in the spinal cord.”

Dr. Bergman told the rescue group that, “He could not have placed a pellet in the spinal column that accurate if he had surgically done it.”

Snuffy is completely paralyzed in the rear portion of his body at this point in time, including his bladder and bowels. An initial reward of $1,000 was offered, but it is now up to $5,000. Anyone with information about this act of cruelty is asked to call 843-255-5010.  Beaufort County, Hilton Head Humane and Noah’s Arks Rescue are jointly paying the Reward Fee.

(Photo via Noah’s Arks Rescue)



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  1. Sheri says:

    Karma 1000x to the asshole that did this!!!!! You think you’re funny, think you’re smart?? You’re not, just an idiot and that’s being kind.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    The person/people that did this horrible deed to a young helpless pup! IS BEYOND EVIL I hope an organization/rescue/ wealthy benefactor and lover of animals PUTS up a REWARD in the THOUSANDS so “the so called friend of the Diabolic Monster turns them in ….. There needs to be accountability….and they need to be removed from Society…. Next it will be a Child/Elder/or Handicapped person on the other end of their gun!!! I hope a CARING HEARTFELT ORGANIZATION or INDIVIDUAL WILL help little Snuffy regain some independence with wheels/ diapers/ compassion & love!!!

    • dru says:

      I SO agree with you, Sylvia. Long, lingering n EXTREMELY painful!! Painful beyond belief n NOTHING to touch the pain!!!
      DAMN YOU….till the end of time!
      Praying that wee Snuffy will have a good life from here on!! Bless you, precious wee boy <3 <3 <3

  3. elaine Vallos says:

    How disgusting is this??? Whatever happened to common decency and respect?. My wish for this S.O.B. is that he/she suffers tremendously and is afflicted with the same disfigurement and pain that was done to this poor creature of God. May bad Karma follow you all the days of your wretched life!!!! You are a sick, demented bastard!!!

  4. sue lesmond says:

    I live in Australia.I am disgusted with the severe abuse.disabilty that has been enacted on lovely Snuffy.The POS that did this to him must be given the death penalty!I live in Australia and I am involved in animal welfare.I am willing to adopt Snuffy, if he could be transported to me.i am very serious as he deserves a forever, loving home with requirements in place for his lifelong enacted disability


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