3 Cows stranded after earthquake

The latest on 3 cows stranded in New Zealand

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The plight of three cows, stranded on an “island” in New Zealand, has captured the attention of the world. The cows, two adults and a calf, were left stranded on a small piece of grassy soil after a massive 7.8 earthquake on Monday caused the surrounding land to slide away, leaving them approximately 20 feet above the fallen ground.

According to News Hub, the cows, who belong to a Kaikoura farmer, were saved after rescuers successfully dug a track allowing the cows to walk out to safety. The farmer told News Hub about the cows’ condition after being saved, “They desperately needed water, cows don’t like living without water so that was the first requirement, and I think one or two had lost calves in the earthquake so they were a big distressed.”

The cows, who were described as “docile” are now safe. Other cattle from the same herd were not as fortunate. The farmer admitted that some cows had perished when the earthquake struck.

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