Who killed Mary? A sad message to irresponsible owners

At the Lancaster Animal Care Center in California, Mary lost her life on Wednesday. She was quietly led to the backroom of the shelter. She trembled with fright with her tail tucked tightly between her legs – as if she knew she had no future. Within moments Mary was restrained, poison was injected into her left paw and her young life quickly drained away. Mary never did anything wrong. She was a good dog. Here is her tragic story.

Shelter volunteer Sal Valdepena’s free time centers around the local shelters. His passion is helping to save the dogs. As he was uploading Mary’s profile to social media to bring more attention to her plight, he learned she had been euthanized. Sal was devastated but determined that Mary will not be forgotten:

“I was uploading her profile to get her seen. Tragically she was killed yesterday. I am still posting her because even though she’s gone I want everyone to see this sweet angel. To all the stupid f*** backyard breeders whose brains are no bigger than cockroaches look! To all the morons who dump pets look! And to the society who doesn’t give a sh** look!
This dog was only two years old and now she is gone. All that is left is the number given to her as an adoptable dog. Her description merely stated she was an unaltered stray who came into the shelter on November 28. She was killed on December 14. In shelters across the United States, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year. Tragically 40% of those dogs killed are  American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers and “Terrier mixes.” Save a life – adopt a shelter pet.
Rip sweet girl. Humanity will ultimately pay.
Spay and neuter your pets – it’s as easy as that!
(Photo of Mary courtesy of Sal Valdepena)
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