Who killed Mary? A sad message to irresponsible owners

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At the Lancaster Animal Care Center in California, Mary lost her life on Wednesday. She was quietly led to the backroom of the shelter. She trembled with fright with her tail tucked tightly between her legs – as if she knew she had no future. Within moments Mary was restrained, poison was injected into her left paw and her young life quickly drained away. Mary never did anything wrong. She was a good dog. Here is her tragic story.

Shelter volunteer Sal Valdepena’s free time centers around the local shelters. His passion is helping to save the dogs. As he was uploading Mary’s profile to social media to bring more attention to her plight, he learned she had been euthanized. Sal was devastated but determined that Mary will not be forgotten:

“I was uploading her profile to get her seen. Tragically she was killed yesterday. I am still posting her because even though she’s gone I want everyone to see this sweet angel. To all the stupid f*** backyard breeders whose brains are no bigger than cockroaches look! To all the morons who dump pets look! And to the society who doesn’t give a sh** look!
This dog was only two years old and now she is gone. All that is left is the number given to her as an adoptable dog. Her description merely stated she was an unaltered stray who came into the shelter on November 28. She was killed on December 14. In shelters across the United States, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year. Tragically 40% of those dogs killed are  American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers and “Terrier mixes.” Save a life – adopt a shelter pet.
Rip sweet girl. Humanity will ultimately pay.
Spay and neuter your pets – it’s as easy as that!
(Photo of Mary courtesy of Sal Valdepena)
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21 replies
  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Ce ne sont pas les animaux qui devraient être euthanasiés, mais ceux qui les abandonnent et les torturent. Repose en paix adorable amour.

  2. lilsdad73 says:

    What a gorgeous baby girl you were Mary, and God has you in their arms now. What a tragic, heartbreaking, sad, sad story. If only she could have found a loving home, look at how sweet she was and nothing but unconditional love to give as well no doubt. Humans could learn so much from animals about what it means to love! It’s soul-shattering to learn that over a million dogs are euthanized every year – that’s a shocking number. And just reading about the fear that one poor, beautiful angel felt taking her last few steps – times that by 1.2 million.

    I bet you brought joy to just about everyone that met you Mary and the people reading Sal and Cheryl’s story of your short life *will* shed a tear, I know I did. Rest well and play well in heaven beautiful angel XXX ❤️

  3. Catherine Staffy says:

    Poor mutt. Unfortunately she will not be the only one. It is important that dogs are neutered and spayed otherwise the dog population will increase and there seems not to be enough people willing and able to adopt one and look after it responsibly.

  4. Jean Dixon says:

    Sal if you or anyone else know of any backyard breeders, maybe we should create a page and post them. This way, people could ask authorities to investigate: people could check this “registry” to ensure they are not getting a dog from them. Employers could check it when hiring. High school students wanting to learn how to demonstrate legally and to deal with media could walk the sidewalks in front of the breeders operations. There are lots of possibilities here. I am absolutely done with nothing being done about these heartless creeps.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      IT IS NOT JUST BACK YARD PREEDERS!!! JUST LOOK AT HUMANE SOCIETY UNITED STATES AND INTERNATIONAL! Other rescue agencies BRINGING THOUSANDS “yes< I DID SAY THOUSANDS'OF DOGS from OVER SEA'S ; AGAIN FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES !!!!! TO BE ADOPTED IN THE USA FROM DOG EATING COUNTRIES!!! So the UAS dogs LIKE MARY are EUTHANIZED AFTER ONLY 14 days like MARY in "KILL?MURDER ( is more like it) Lancaster California…. WOW THANK YOU HSUS &HSUSI for helping MURDER OUR AMERCIAN BORN DOGS in shelters so the foreign DOGS could get the home !!! Our citizens can use the FOREIGN DOG as BRAGGING rights SEE I saved this DOG that was going to be used for food in KOREA !!! while the USA DOG IS LEAD DOWN THE HALL UUST LIKE MARY!!!

  5. Shirlann LB says:

    This kind of shit I don’t understand and it pisses me off. Why do these animal control and shelters kill such young dogs? They never get a chance at life. #LancasterAnimalCareCenter

  6. Pauline says:

    To the monsters that dumped her you are no better than a piece of trash. It makes me hurt so much that this baby was killed for no reason. RIP you are now at Rainbow Bridge and are not scared.

  7. Denise says:

    So very very sad!!!! Poor Mary didn’t have a chance at life. My husband and I always adopt thru our local Humane Society. They make the best family members!!!! RIP Mary you will not be forgotten!

  8. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    Poor sweet baby-girl. I am SO SAD reading this. She looks like she was such a LOVER. My heart breaks. ???? And yes, I know how many “pit bulls” are killed every DAY in this country. I wish I could save them ALL. Rest in Peace, sweet Mary. I wish I could have saved you. You were a sweet soul, to be sure. ????

  9. Efren Vega Hernandez says:

    Any people who surrender a dog or a cat don’t deserve to be called human been. They simply don’t know what love is. There are just a piece of sheet

  10. Maria Blasko says:

    Tears pouring down my face. Not only for Mary, RIP sweet Angel, but for every single of the 3, 287 dogs who will be killed today. even worse, she looks like my Sierra (RIP Mommy) who left her body 2.5 years ago due to Lymphoma of the GI tract. We can DO better. Every shelter CAN BE no-kill. How??


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