Kentucky man arrested for dragging dog 20 miles tied to back of truck

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In Bowling Green, Kentucky a man driving his truck after having been involved in an argument, has been arrested for dragging his dog for 15 to 20 miles tethered behind his pickup truck, reports WbkoNews.Calvin Davis

According to Edmonson County Deputy Jordan Jones, the driver of the truck and owner of the dog, Calvin Dennis, has been charged with animal torture, driving while under the influence and associated drug charges. Jones called the situation “one of the most gruesome things he had ever seen in his life.” As Dennis sped away from the parking lot on August 6, onlookers were shocked as the leashed dog became entangled behind the rear axle. By the time, Dennis pulled into the parking lot of the Chalybeate Fire Department, nearly 20 miles away, police referred to the scene as one of the worst they had ever seen.

It had been an off duty police officer who first spotted the dog being dragged and called 911. The officer tracked the egregious situation by following the dog’s trail of blood.

“There was a collar that was attached to the leash, connected to the back of the truck. It was wound so tightly that the neck had broken. The bones had ground down to where you could actually see the bone marrow. He put an innocent dog at risk for no reason. If you’re going to take your dog to work or anywhere like that, you’re responsible for that dog at all times,” stated Deputy Jones.

When questioned, Dennis stated he forgot his dog had been tied to the rear of his truck. Authorities state he admitted to taking pills and methamphetamine before driving.  Dennis is facing up to five years in prison on the animal torture charge alone. Since the dog died as a result of the animal cruelty turns the charge into a Class D felony.

Rest in peace poor dog. We hope you get some justice.

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  1. I’m in tears, once again, at the suffering of dogs (and other animals) at the hands of “humans.” RIP sweet dog. I pray that you died quickly.

  2. I hope they put this POS in jail and he rots there! I am so sick of these drugged out idiots killing their dogs because they “forgot” the dog was there!. I would like to know also how this POS was able to drive 15 to 20 miles without someone trying to stop this!

  3. I’m so damned disgusted I could lock this piece of garbage up myself and throw away the key! He deserves every bit of 5 years behind bars, and I hope he gets a good beat down every single day of it to the point that his vile, disgusting a** never makes it out. Trash like this never changes, and if he’s back out on the streets, he’ll only find other innocent victims to maim and kill in his alcoholic hazes.

  4. Seriously ONLY 5 years? Backwoods hillbilly should be killed in exactly the same way. The courts, law and judges are all corrupt and should be dragged also.

    • There have been people that have done this INTENTIONALLY and only gotten a misdemeanor charge, in 80% of the states in this country you can do whatever the fuck you want to your dog and no one gives a shit. 5 years is a good charge for this, yes we should fight for more but it’s a great start, lets get the other states on board also.


    What a worthless POS… F*CK his drugs and alcohol: That poor, hapless companion suffered unimaginably for MILES AND MILES!

    Honest-to-God, if I were the type to carry a weapon, this would have been the perfect situation/textbook example for complete and utter exoneration of any-and-all murder charges from the “temporary insanity/road rage” I would have suffered, prior to emptying my firearm into his worthless carcass…

  6. I am sick of animal cruelty this has to stop i hope you get your just deserts because you put that dog through hell for nothing you got no brains only in your feet your just an arshole

  7. Prison is to good for this lower than low scumbag! I wish for him to suffer everyday that he’s alive until he’s not.I hope he gets a long prison sentence with a celly that loves animals …I am sick to death of these kind of useless waists of air scum to walk among law abiding people causing horror and mayhem to all that is good.This poor dog suffered unimaginable torture by this peace of human garbage and there is nothing anyone can do to bring this pup back but what the law can do is lock this garbage up and trow away the key so the dog gets some kind of justice for what was done to him.

  8. Not another dog dragged to his death. I’m so sick of these cowards,killing our innocent pets. I’m furious at these humans once again. My heart crys out for them, I do wish I could have saved him. RIP angel

  9. Rot IN Jail Hell this Bastard NEEDs to be tied to a tree and a couple jars of HONEY poured on his head eyes and body !! Let the ants and birds take care of him! Which by the way is much less suffering than the Druggie Piece of Maggot Vomit deserves !!!!!

  10. I think old fashioned justice is needed. Leash this POS to the back of a truck and drive on… let him see how it feels to be at the mercy of someone who is drunk and doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything but himself. I could care less if he dies … because I don’t want him procreating and weakening the gene pool any further!!!!

    • Screw that quarter that worthless meth junkie… Tie his arms to two horses and tie his legs to two more horses and they literally pull him apart and the victim can’t pass out it can take a person 5 to 10 minutes to die and they feel every second of pain

  11. I agreed this men is vile . I have a little dog and I love him so much like a little human . I can only feel what that dog went through . I’m glad he was cough . Glad he is going to jail .

  12. He needs to be treated like a pedophile. He must be monitored when he moves away. He must keep a distance and NEVER be allowed to own, approach, or have any interaction with a dog EVER again.

  13. my heart has been breaking all these poor animals suffering at the hands of humans.
    why on earth would you tie the dog to the back of the truck to start with.
    why would you hurt innocent animals what has come to this planet people are so cruel are no excuse to hurt any animal.
    I am an animal lover I have two dogs there more like my baby’s I get so upset if I tell them off because of how guilty I feel.
    any one who has a history of valance should not be allowed to own any animals ever if they can hurt anyone or any animal they cant be trusted R.I.P to that poor dog I cant even image what it was going through never mind want to I’m sat sobbing my eyes out DISCUSTING as far as I’m concerned its MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its about time people started paying the penalty for there crimes!!!!!!!!!

  14. Another drugged up dumbazz doing heinous things. Next it will be a person. Drugs cause way to much pain and destruction.
    Dealers need to be eradicated


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