K9 found injured after fatal shootout in Arkansas

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A police canine, who disappeared after a gunfight that left an Arkansas deputy dead, has been found alive, but with gunshot injuries. According to Friday’s NBC News, the missing police dog, named “Kina,” was discovered inside of a house that was under construction.

On Friday, the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office released information about the incident. The release stated, “The K-9 Kina has been located by a citizen near the 4200 block of Bowers Loop. Kina was found in a house that was under contruction and is back in the hand of the handler.” Kina sustained two gunshot wounds, one to her back and one in the neck, during the shootout on Wednesday which claimed the life of¬†Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper.

Kina was transported to the Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic for treatment. On Friday morning, the clinic issued a statement to Facebook followers who have been following the situation, “We are pleased to report that she is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery. She was found this morning with two bullet wounds and mild dehydration. We will be monitoring her closely and treating the wounds.”

The man believed to be responsible for Deputy Cooper’s death has been identified as 35-year-old Billy Monroe James of Greenwood.

(Photo via Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office FB page)

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  1. So sorry about the deputy. Condolences to his or her family. Glad Kina was found alive and that her injuries are such that she will make a full recovery. Such a terrible situation all around.


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