Justin Bieber hits all time low wearing fur coat in 61 degree Los Angeles

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Just another Justin Bieber all time low as he steps out with his “caveman” look donned in an extravagant fur coat while in Los Angeles this week on his way to a Christmas party. After all, it was a freezing 61 degrees which dictated Bieber even having the hood up – perhaps to help thaw the immature brain freeze?

According to TMZ, when asked if the coat was real fur, Bieber went out of his way to confirm it and shouted out of the window of his limousine, ” Hell yeah! it’s f******* real.”

While faux fur has definitely been the fashion of choice, it seems Bieber joins in with the Kardashians donning coyote skins and other animals captured in egregious contraptions and stripped of their skin – some even still alive. Animals caught in traps gnaw off their limbs to escape; that is until a trapper comes to either beat them to death with a bat or shoot them. Their pups are often left orphaned since there is “no season” to hunt these doomed animals.

“It’s always astounding to see someone with such great fortune and fame show no mercy for animals who simply want to be left alone to live with their own families,” stated Lisa Lange for PETA who actually coined the phrase, “caveman” as the superstar stepped out at the Hyde Lounge in West Hollywood.

And just in case you wonder where Bieber got his “fur” style from, his mommy(circa 1988) has been sighted still wearing her mink coat today.

For those of us who remember Joe Namath wearing the over sized fur or Kanye West’s snide rapping song about his mink, the morality of innocent animals tortured, mangled and killed to dress anyone so self-absorbed in themselves as not to think about an animal’s suffering is sickening.

(Photos for Justin Bieber screenshots via TMZ)

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12 replies
  1. angela Moore says:

    Wow another it thinking he’s above everything and entitled that it is a ignorent waste of space karma plz visit Justin Bieber , he’s so unimportant anyway washed up or soon will be , leave the fucking little animals alone you and you hag mother!!

    • Denise says:

      He’s just evil like his parents who are drug addicts. He’s a classic example of someone who had crappy role models. The law enables him letting him go all the time when he breaks it. This is just the beginning of him pissing people off. I don’t know a lot of people who even like him.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    So many big “stars” who insist on wearing dead animals. J-Lo, the Kardashians, etc. They’re all fur hags. Expect it to get worse as Trump and his family invade the White House. The NRA put him there, and you can bet hunting will lose any restrictions already in place. Melania and Ivanka Trump are both fur hags, and the Trump sons are “big-game” hunters and in fact, advertised for a chance to go hunting with them for $1M. When I think about what good I could do with the money these monsters have. I dream of winning the lottery – buying a huge farm and setting up a fantastic rescue on it (dogs, cats, horses, etc.). I’d donate to so many great rescues, like Best Friends and Vila Lobos. I’d set up free spay/neuter programs. I would live in a nice, very basic house that would be set up to accommodate my furbabies. I’d drive a mini-van fitted with dog crates for transporting. I’d still live mostly in t-shirts and sweatpants like I do now. No gold-lined elevators, multiple mansions, fleets of expensive yachts. Nope. I could never live like that. Give me the animals in need and other rescue friends. That would be a heavenly life.

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Se n’est qu’une petite merde sans cervelle qui finira sous un pont ou crèvera d’un trop plein de drogue. La vie où les lois de l’homme lui feront régler la facture de toute cette barbarie.

  4. linda says:

    My theory is wearing fur is just a status symbol to these greedy bunch of fuckers who consider vanity and ego as a priority in their useless selfish lives.

  5. Monika Koestler says:

    I’f feel sorry for people who obviously have peas instead of brains in their head if it weren’t for them actually getting the skin ripped off other living creatures backs so they can feel like “something”. I won’t say what it is they are, but the whole boiling of them ought to be boiled alive to soup in a Chinese kitchen. Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Madonna …. you name it. They are poor prímitive bastards.

    • Denise says:

      They’re all about “looks” and looking like money than what the animal went thru to make the coat. Justin Bieber needs a lot more than that coat to make him have any kind of status but the punk he is.


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