Judge orders animal abuser to keep photo of puppy he killed in his wallet

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A North Carolina judge ordered a Fort Bragg soldier to keep a photo of the eight-month-old puppy he intentionally drowned in his wallet as part of his sentence for felony animal cruelty.

According to the FayObserver, Cumberland County Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons, ordered John Burrow, 24, on Tuesday to keep a picture of the puppy in his wallet while on probation for two years. In November 2015, Burrow tied the puppy named Riley’s feet to his snout with military parachute cord and tossed the defenseless animal into the MacFayden Pond in Fayetteville. Riley’s lifeless body washed up to shore and was discovered on January 2, 2015.

“I want you to remember Riley the way Riley was in full life,” Judge Ammons told Burrow. “I don’t do this lightly. What you did was horrible, absolutely horrible, and there are consequences to pay for that… We have way too many cases right now, and I don’t know the cause… It’s frustrating, but it also makes me hope that maybe the public is getting the message that animals need to be treated humanely.”

The sentence also requires  Burrow to spend 30 days in jail and spend 100 hours of community service cleaning out cages at the Cumberland County Animal Control. In addition, Burrow is banned from owning any pets for the next five years. The conviction also includes 20 days in jail for not providing Riley with proper treatment for the pup’s injured leg while he was alive.

As to motive for the puppy’s torturous death, Burrow told authorities the Labrador and German shepherd mix continued to escape from their yard, and Burrow was not able to pay for veterinarian care when the dog became injured. Standing in court, Burrows apologized stating he accepted responsibility for his mistakes and had been extremely stressed during that time because Riley had a broken leg and he didn’t have the money to pay for surgery.

As reported however, the couple had reached out to the public with a GoFundMe page to raise the $2,500 for the dog’s surgery, but repeated lies of the dog  dying or running away made donors uncomfortable . A charge of accessory after the fact is pending against Burrow’s wife, Kelsey.

Rest in peace Riley.

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(Photo: Screenshot via booking photo and KtlaNews)


15 replies
  1. L Brennan says:

    No one through you in the water with your arm tied up to die a horrible and frightening way to go like Riley did now did they!!!! Knowing you were an asshole, you deserve a lot harder and longer time in jail u r not a little baby you are an adult you should have known better hell there are a ton of Rescue places who would have taken him. Just know your maker will have the last word in the end he will not take to kindly the way you killed his creations. Hope you really change your ways.

  2. edward says:

    Dirtbag piece of s*** had a f****** you be a soldier you f****** scumbag m*********** if I ever come across you I wouldn’t do it around you like f****** sober living f****** s*** out of you told me anything f****** puppy and tortured again that f****** judge job down at his services and sell ice cream on the side or be a garbage man cuz that’s a lousy f****** call the put a picture of your pop in your wallet what the f***** I can teach you Jack schitt rot in hell you piece of garbage you and your Wife

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    30 days in jail, 100 hours of community service cleaning out cages at the Cumberland County Animal Control.and banned from owning any pets for the next five years? But Riley was brutally killed! Carrying around a picture of Riley is going to do what while he is on probation? This POS didn’t care about the dog, having a picture, I’m sure, won’t have any impact on what he did! Sure he apologized and accepted responsibility for his mistakes, only because he was caught! This POS needs to be banned for life of owning a pet and he should have received more jail time!

    • Penny's Dachshund says:

      Myself! I think thei JUDGE may have watched ONE OR TWO too MANY JUDGE JUDY EPISODS !!!! He needs to come down from his cloud & deal justice in the REAL WORLD .. THE sentence he gave this POS was not JUSTICE in any WAY>>>SHAPR>>>OR FORM!!!!!

    • Chip Bailey says:

      You forget he is one of your soldiers and none of you mention he being dihonorably discharged. He should be neutered. His wife spayed to ensure the Demon seeds stop with them. Animal abusers need be watched for life as they are the seed to Serial Killers.

  4. maxiemom says:

    I do not like the punishment of an animal abuser / killer being anywhere near a shelter, even if it is cleaning out cages. Such a punishment is more than likely going to make him even angrier and scum like that is more than likely going to harm one of those innocent animals. I also wish he’d been given a PROPER amount of time in jail, as well as charged with defrauding the public for that gofundme page. Claiming ‘I’m sorry’ when he clearly isn’t only proves how dangerous he is.

  5. Penny's Dachshund says:

    While the JUDGE may have thought he was giving a just sentence … This was just nothing short of a slap in the face to that poor dog that WAS MURDERED in a Horrific Fashion by this Vile Individual and his Putrid Wife>>> This POS should have been Court Martialed ! Sent to the Brigg for at least 2 years! His wife I hope Get herself sterilized because if she can treat or tolerate seeing Poor Riley tortured What the HELL WOULD SHE SO OR ALLOW DONE TO A CHILD!!!

  6. Linda Szymoniak says:

    He should be charged with fraud, too, with regard to the donation page. If he raised $2500, but didn’t use it for the dog, as he was supposed to, he defrauded each and every one of the people who donated. I really wish he would have to serve a longer prison sentence and be banned for life from having anything to do with animals. I just hope when he’s cleaning the cages at the shelter, the dogs aren’t in them. This man is sick.

  7. lori myers says:

    Omg!!!! Never should he be around a shelter!!!!! What was that judge thinking!!???? Ok judge that is like putting a f,,,,,,g phedofile to be a janitor in a elementary school!! Get a effin clue!!!! Dishonorable discharge the pos and his wife!!!!!!

  8. KoKo says:

    Do I have this correct, John Burrow? YOU were extremely stressed because your dog had an injury so you tied his feet to his mouth and drowned him? And what will you do to a fellow soldier when they are injured in an attack or when they do something to provoke you to become “stressed”? Or any person that makes you angry? You would never be able to help anyone in distress because of YOUR stress!!! You do not deserve to be representing our country – you are a disgrace to humanity. I would love to have you be cleaning a cage, not in an animal shelter – but in a wildlife sanctuary for tigers, lions…while they are in it. Experience real stress. And do not live to tell about it.

  9. Chip Bailey says:

    If the American Army did not dihonorably discharge this sisk twisted coward then do not wonder why the World views America in such a negative way. The Judge should have ordered spay and neutre for this so called soldier and his crooked wife. I really hope his fellow soldiers of his company beat the living shit out of this guy for the shame and dishonor he brought upon them and the White Race.


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