ISIS attaching bombs to suicide dogs in Mosul

What may have started out as rumors citing ISIS heartless and ultra-cruel terrorists killing cats for no reason, have now hit an all time low with reports they have garnered 600 suicide dogs and attached bombs to their bodies to carry out attacks on the Iraqi Army forces in Mosul.

According to Metro News, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) has quoted Fahmi Abbas, from the Iraqi Armored Units  stating, “ISIS terrorists have equipped 600 dogs with bombs and want to send them among Iraqi Army forces and explode them by remote control.” Operatives are reported to be strapping the vests on the suicide dogs and letting them loose to roam in Mosul and other targeted locations. ISIS monitors the dogs’ locations and detonates at their discretion as the bomb kills the dog and everyone else in close proximity.

The Iraqi army has been advancing to Mosul. As ISIS terrorists have continued to carry out suicide missions, most have been reported to have failed – Iraqi heat seeking missiles have neutralized the attacks. All armies have been made aware of ISIS latest bizarre  and disgusting ploy to murder innocent people and inflict animal cruelty beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Animal advocates are irate, but to ISIS terrorists, they see this latest heinous deed as a way for them to keep their own soldiers alive to launch larger attacks and have not one second thought about the life of an innocent dog. According to the Inquisitr, it is not known where ISIS soldiers are finding the dogs  – whether they are breeding dogs, stealing dogs, gathering strays or confiscating family pets, the end game is beyond tragic.

(Photo of suicide dogs via screenshot of YourNewsWire)

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