Investigation into teen’s Snapchat video of dog in Texas being lit on fire

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The Hewitt Police Department have confirmed they are investigating a disturbing video posted on social media showing a dead  dog being lit on fire, reports KcenTv.

The video originally appeared on Snapchat and the account is reported to belong to a Midway High School graduate who previously played football. It is unknown if the teen had a role in the dog’s death or if  the dog had already been dead when its body was set on fire.

On Facebook, Serena Teakell, a bartender at a local Wako bar, recorded the original Snapchat video, and on Friday night shared the disturbing footage on Facebook. Within a few hours it had garnered 229,000 views and nearly 5,000 shares. Serena commented and asked everyone to share:

“DEAR FRIENDS AND ANIMAL LOVERS, I’d like to introduce you to a boy from the Waco area, Zachary Molina and show you all what he and his friends think is cool to do to a dog’s body. I have no idea how the dog died or who this kid is, but since he found it so funny and cool to post it on his snapchat, I figured he wouldn’t mind if I shared it with facebook. Zach, I hope you’re embarrassed of yourself and thanks for accepting my friend request so I could tag you.




Police have been investigating since early Friday evening and posted the following statement on Facebook trying to assure the public this situation was not being ignored:

” I want to ensure the public that we are working on this and gathering all the pertinent details at this time. When we have further information, I will let everyone know,” posted Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin.

The dog’s owner has since come forward and stated on Facebook his dog had recently disappeared after breaking free of his collar to chase a rabbit in the park.

Warning: The video is extremely graphic and disturbing. The content may not be suitable for all viewing audiences. (Photo via screenshot of video)

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  1. and i hope they find he can’t be to hard now can it since he posted it, and when you find them everyone that was there is as much to blame and sick, make sure the time fits this crime not slaps and sent home to mommy

  2. I’m a bartender. Thank you for blasting this piece of sh*t. I hear his father is an animal activist and lover. I hope he rots in hell. They don’t even deserve life on this Earth. I think you should start a group page for this kind of abuse, for bartenders, servers, waitresses and anyone in the hospitality business. This just sickens me. My pets have better health insurance that I do. Unbelievable.

    • I agree with you but, his father never inspired him or do anything for his son to act this way and it was his son and his friends choice to do this grusome act, you also have to understand than that no one can’t stop every abuse in the world but you can try lowering the rates of this cause

    • ok, I read similar, the way they identified the kids on the video was one is the son of a city employee making it all the more distressing. Must be one kid is the son of an officer. jesus christ.

  3. Found Him. I’m not sure how much more I can help, but this is his facebook page. After seeing him, I was determined to find him but I live in CO and I’m not sure how much more I can help. He lives in Waco, TX and goes to Midway High School. This is his Facebook page;

    Good Luck


  5. This act is deplorable. Maybe a group of people should find out where he lives and protest in front of his home. Everyone needs to take a stand to stop his kind of humor.

  6. I don’t have a violent bone in my body but when I see animal abuse/killings/torture I could literally tear these people apart. My guess is they killed the dog and only decided to videotape it after. I made the mistake of viewing this video and it was one of the most upsetting things I have ever seen. This sick boy/man is a serial killer in the making. Anyone who can do something like this to a dog, much less any living creature, is truly disturbed. He needs to be severely punished and needs mental intervention and any others who may be involved. These parents should be proud that they’ve given birth to a demented psychopath.

  7. Dear zach i am proud of you i would like to reward and then rest in peace puppy you lets start the fun first i would take you hanng you up and wait i am sorry i forgot to tell you i was wait for quaterback. And could throw with as much veloicty as dan marino. And hit in you. Balls over and over untill you begged me to stop. Then i would open up ur slit in penis listen firecrackers in there and light them then in your ears and of course let’s find out with in your mouth and then back to the football aim for your f****** mouth and head rest in peace puppy

  8. This is being turned over to the DA in Waco. Please join me in putting the pressure on them to prosecute this thug and his buddies. Ask where the gun came from. Was it his cop dad’s gun. He is only 18 how did he have a gun in his possession? If on private property how did the gun get there?? All the boys were under 21.

  9. Future mass murderers. This article triviliazes this crime by repeating “kids being kids”. Evil terrible seeds & of course male. We won’t miss you when you leave this earth.

  10. I feel sorry for the way people are treating Zachary i wen to school with him and graduated the same year as him you find him so deplorable and yet most of you people have named and etched him as some sick bastard with no remorse. Who are the real jerks

    • Anyone who would excuse this parasite’s vile, sick, demented behavior has a serious problem.
      Your support, because you went to school with this monster, only calls into question your character. Were you one of the participants?
      Zachary is no better than human waste… including his “friends.”

    • He is a sick bastard with no remorse. I have yet to see him on snapchat, facebook or any other social media apologizing for the disgusting, sick act he committed. He is deplorable and I hope he eventually gets his, along with his dad who protect him and his sick bastard friends

  11. Anyone who would excuse this parasite’s vile, sick, demented behavior has a serious problem.
    Your support, because you went to school with this monster, only calls into question your character. Were you one of the participants?
    Zachary is no better than human waste…

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