Investigation launched for pet owners who tossed their dog off Sunset Cliffs

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The San Diego County Animal Services have launched a search for the owners of a dog seen in two social  media photos being thrown by a man over Sunset Cliffs into the water early Saturday evening, reports AbcNews.

Shelter Director Dan DeSousa stated he wants to have the dog checked out by a veterinarian after receiving the disturbing photos Sunday morning following a screen shot that had been posted on a Facebook page. According to the SanDiegoReader, Anna Moyita said the dog owner quickly deleted the photo because comments immediately followed alleging animal cruelty. That, however was supposedly not the case. Anna, the woman who re-posted the photos after the dog’s owner deleted the pictures, stated the “dog is fine and knew (the owner) what she’s doing, and she “did it over and over … she (the dog) loved it.”

The photos have gone viral with most comments condemning the owners’ actions. DeSousa said just because an animal appears to enjoy something does not make it legal. The owners could face criminal charges.

(Photos via San Diego Reader)


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If the dog enjoys it so much he would jumping in himself and not need to be thrown! I hope they investigate this, it doesn’t look fun for the dog to me!

  2. d fairbanks says:

    Somehow, I don’t believe the dog is fine, nor do I believe the dog ‘loved it’. I would LOVE to see someone throw that bitch from the cliff and see how much SHE loves it!

  3. Darla says:

    I call BS on the owner saying the dog “liked it” – perhaps, if the dog had launched himself into the water (which is obvious from the screen shots that this wasn’t the case in this instance), then MAYBE I would buy that he liked it. I hope the pup is okay.

  4. Gail says:

    you are sick bunch of people I pray you all burn in hell and why no one intervened is beyond me.”The dog loved it” I am sure all animals say that when their owner terrorized

  5. Maureen Oleary says:

    Oh really, the dog likes being thrown of the cliff. What a poor excuse for abuse. Until the vet check the dog out for suspected abuse, we wait and see.

  6. Sarah Sarkissian says:

    What the hell is wrong with people? It looks like they were enjoying and laughing about throwing this precious dog over the cliff. People just do not have any love or compassion anymore. Because guess what? They know they can get away with it. Stupid Stupid People! There is so much hate and doing bad things that the badness is coming out of hell, and drawing people to do evil things. It’s like they do no care!

    • julie weston says:

      (she wolf’ freedom fighter) Totally agree Sarah’ this is inhumane & barbaric no way is this fun for the poor dog. as an animals freedom fighter I’m against all types of animal abuse & cruelty. these worthless pieces of scum need carving up’ I have more love & compassion for animals than I ever would for humans. it’s a sad fact that humans are more animal than the animals, but were supposed to be the superior race in our world’ ha ha what a joke. people like this should not even be in a human society breathing the same air as the decent ones, they need hanging’ sadistic in breads.

      • gordon says:

        Julie, we are a species referred to as Homo Sapien. Animals are not a race. Homo Sapien means “Smart Man” the people throwing the dog are just plain stupid if you listen to the Whole Story, they made a bad decision and are paying for it. The dog is not starved, beaten, or tortured. They did what they thought was OK and we’re obviously very wrong. They will never do it again, I assure you. To wish them harm for a stupid act is plain wrong for that dog has a home and is fed and walked and obviously loved. A pound could mean death for it so be careful what you wish for. I hate all animal abusers and these look like folks that made a bad decision.

  7. marlena simon says:

    Awful, where is the dog now? If the dog enjoyed it so much why don’t they face the public and show that the dog is unharmed. I wonder of the dog is still alive. Scumbags in my eyes!

  8. ninammam says:

    I don’t believe the dog is ok, look at how rough and choppy the waters were, and who is to say that what ever dog they show is actually this dog!!!!

  9. Ed Fritz says:

    For what it’s worth, I had a dog that loved the water. She wouldn’t jump in on her own. She would walk or run in, but if there was a ledge…no way. However, If I swam to the ledge she used to love it when she could put her paws on my shoulder and then be launched into the water when I jumped backwards. It was awesome. I loved that dog.

  10. Chip Bailey says:

    This one is getting out of hand, the poster said the dog is fine and the owners did this previously as the dog came back for more. The notes also said the dog is well cared for and I have seen folks jump their horses the same way. I think the dog owner will not do it again for it caused her all the wrong attention so live and let live for there are real freaks that need addressing for their cruel sick and twisted treatment of animals.

  11. joanne fiol says:

    Low life humans. Lairs let me toss you over the cliff ass hole. Piece of shit. Find them and take the dog away if the little guy is still alive.


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