Investigation launched after cat found wrapped in duct-tape

Investigation launched after cat found wrapped in duct-tape

An investigation has been launched after a cat was found wrapped in duct-tape in someone’s yard on Veterans Drive in Traverse City, Michigan. According to Tuesday’s 9 & 10 News, the cat was taken by animal control to the Grand Traverse Animal Hospital.

The cat, dubbed “Ronnie,” was in poor condition when he first arrived to the veterinary hospital. Dr. Alexander Krysinski recounted the cat’s condition, “Ronnie arrived at our doorstep with duct tape around his head his neck his chest his front legs were duck taped together and his hind legs were also duct taped together as well.” According to WGTU News, it took veterinary staff an hour to remove the tape from the cat’s body.

Ronnie has maintained a sweet disposition, despite the cruelty that he endured – though it is surmised that he spent upwards of three days in the duct-tape, he has been purring and friendly to those who are treating him. Dr. Krysinski stated, “Through all of this he has been an angel he’s been purring and eating for us and he has a heart of gold and I only wish the previous owner had the same heart.”

Ronnie needs to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from his ear, but he is still too unstable for the procedure. He is fighting malnutrition, a flea infestation, and widespread infection from the tape. Fortunately, his veterinarians are hopeful that he will recover.

The animal control agency has launched an investigation to find out who is responsible for the cruel incident which nearly claimed this cat’s life.


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