Investigation into death of 7-pound puppy tied up, stuffed in bag and drowned

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A family in Linn County, Iowa are devastated after someone tied the feet of their tiny 10-month-old puppy together, stuffed her in a bag and then threw her into a creek – knowing there was no way for the dog to survive, reports KwwlNews. Cedar Rapids dog

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the death of Bella, a Shih Tzu Poodle mix who slipped out of her home on Monday. Ashley Ray said she and her family searched all over for Bella as well as throughout the night. The next day, a man found the dog’s body near a creek off Mt. Vernon Road. The Cedar Valley Humane Society called her to come and identify her dog.

“We went there, they took us in the back and my mom pulled the blanket off of Bella and she was still soft   and she was so wet and she was so cold,” Ashley told KcrgNews.

Bella was part of the family, and no one can understand how anyone could do such a despicable deed to an animal.

“It’s disgusting. I don’t know how anybody could take a poor, innocent, tiny dog that’s not even seven pounds, tie their feet together, while they’re screaming and crying and yelping for help, put them in a bag, take them and throw them in a river where they know that they are not going to be able to fight for their life,” Ashley stated.Cedar Rapids dog 2

Because of the viciousness of the crime, the person responsible for the crime could be charged with animal torture or abuse. Both crimes carry an aggravated misdemeanor charge of a $625 to $6,250  fine and a maximum of two years in jail for a first time offense. Animal cruelty punishments in Iowa carry stricter punishments than most other states.Animal lover State Senator Jeff Danielson hopes to find the coward who committed this heinous crime and punish him to the fullest extent of the law. No suspects have yet to be named.

And a family mourns the death of an innocent puppy. Rest in peace Bella. We are sorry cruel people walk the earth.

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13 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Horrible monsters doing this to this tiny pup! May they rot in hell! Condolences to this family in their loss!

  2. octavius1 says:

    Always look at a neighbor for taking the dog out of the yard and doing the poor baby in, especially if the dog owner has a habit of leaving the poor dog alone in the yard. Dog haters have been known to kill innocent dogs just because they can, and because they’re evil. Hopefully someone in the neighborhood will recognize the bag Bella was put in and tell the authorities.

  3. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Hopefully a RESCUE OR BENEFACTOR will put up a few thousand dollar reward and one of this POS cohorts will Turn in the perpetrator of this horrific act!!!! What the hell is our country coming to!!! This could as easily been a small child!!!! No 7 pound puppy is a threat to anything!!!

  4. virginia green says:

    check all the teenagers and see if they did not do it.sorry for your lost.i just lost my dog donot worry ur dog is with you all in sprites and in ur hearts.who did it.make them pay out bigger and jail them with people who like animals.

  5. Ed says:

    Congratulations dirt bag you took a very ferocious puppies life congratulations not even seven pounds I don’t know if your man or woman middle child if I have decided that I would take you and Turn you upside f****** down on the bridge that you threw him off and I was slowly but surely ain’t you down yet wait for it wait for it nothing I just let you bleed to death in the brain because you were there that signed that up that long will be considered brain damage and death have a nice day scumbag

  6. Ed says:

    No the problem is First Step puppy then second answered possibly child and this gentleman’s the senator is going to try to get him for $600 or 6000 that’s not going to bring home Thelma would teach him a lesson is probably about 10 years in prison if not more we as a people have to get stronger and make animal abuse very painful for these lowlifes

  7. Syl Mill says:

    This is so sad and awful…I hope this bastard has already succumbed to a violent death…..where’s the animal vigilante fund? This is my last read tonight- I can’t take anymore- I can’t believe these sick people walk amongst us…poor precious baby….people check your enclosures, fences, gates, make sure there are no gaps..make sure they are locked and inaccessible to outsiders, there are sicko’s amongst us…and really they’re like your kids, so just don’t leave them unattended. I have a saying…if you love your pet ..keep them inside…yeah, I know a dog has to take a dump and it is a sad state of affairs, when you can’t let them out alone in your fenced in backyard, but unless you have a wall or something that is totally escape proof or entry proof from “the bad guys”..keep your peepers on them….so so sad….Hope this MF’er drowns somewhere and the bottom feeders eat him. These sick people spawn….I believe evil is passed on


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