Injured pup saved by compassionate cop

Injured puppy, thrown from car, saved by compassionate cop

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A three-month-old puppy, who was seriously injured after being thrown from a moving car, was saved thanks to a compassionate cop in Albany, New York. The puppy, dubbed “Jack” was brought to the police station by two good Samaritans on Halloween night.

Officer Jon-David Hill recounted the situation to News 10, “He was quivering; he was afraid; he didn’t know what was going on,” Hill said. “And they told us – myself and my partner who was at the desk – that they found the dog on Central Avenue surrounded by a group of people. When they asked the people what happened, they said they had seen somebody toss the dog from a moving car.”

Jack (who was named in the “spirit of Halloween”) did not have an owner to pay for the expensive veterinary care that he required – but Officer Hill was not about to let the puppy suffer further.

Jack was taken under the wing of Officer Hill, and thanks to generous donors, funds were raised to amputate his badly injured leg. Hill explained his good deed, “He is 3-months-old. He didn’t have a chance. I just wanted to give him that chance. I didn’t want him to be put down. I thought he deserved to live.”

The cruel situation is under investigation by the Albany Police Animal Abuse Unit – Jack is recovering with Officer Hill. Find Jack’s fundraiser here.

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