Injured German shepherd dumped on road with duct tape over eyes

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An injured German shepherd dumped on the side of the road Monday afternoon in Harris County, Texas, was found with several serious open wounds and duct tape covering her eyes, reports AbcNews.

A Precinct 1 deputy found the dog lying near Rushcreek Drive and Spears Road. The Houston SPCA veterinary team determined the female, injured German shepherd suffered head trauma, had her muzzle taped shut and had multiple tumors that appeared to have been punctured.german-shepherd-dies-2

“Dogs get dumped on the side of the road all the time. Unfortunately the duct tape issue isn’t a rare occurrence and it does happen. People sometimes will duct tape the dog because they bark too much and things like that but it really causes an extensive amount of damage to the skin and the tissue of the dog. So, it’s certainly nothing that’s acceptable,” stated Sgt. Christine Kendrick.

The Houston SPCA veterinary team worked hard to ease the female dog’s pain and ascertain her injuries. It was soon determined that she could not be saved as her skull had been crushed; she was humanely euthanized.

The Houston SPCA has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the identity, arrest and conviction of the person responsible for such a cruel deed. Information can be reported at  Houston SPCA at (713)869-7722 or Precinct 1 at (713)755-7628. Rest in peace sweet dog.

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  1. You’re a dirtbag how dare you do that damage that poor Shepherd across skull pump 22 murders you’re a dirtbag you’re not anything I wish that I could turn back time tractoropolis smelly ass down beat the s*** out of the beginning that would you be

  2. I really hope that they checked the tape for finger prints or dna of some sort and also checked this baby for a chip. sometimes folks forget that they have one.

  3. This person needs to be found and locked up forever. That poor dog, the pain this dog must have suffered at the hands of this so called human being.

  4. I truly hope an wish whoever the disgusting POS that did this to this beautiful dog that was probably stolen from a loving family has the same thing happen to them, then they rot in hell where they belong

  5. I would almost bet she was stolen for a bait dog, for these scum, rotten worthless ignorant bastards, then hit in head an thrown out to die, my gawd we need to wipe the planer clean of these scum they aren’t human but soul less evil monsters taking up air space

  6. This breaks my heart….. people who do this to animals also do unthinkable to humans, as well. I pray we find out who this precious pup belonged to so that the law can be applied and lock the bastards up.

  7. Perverted vile scum. That’s who lives next door to you. Name the monster that done this because someone knows who they are.

  8. This is horrific! What is especially sad, is that animal cruelty is so frequent, and these are just the ones I am aware of!

  9. Hope they catch the bastard that did this to that poor animal.Never understand people being cruel to any kind of animal’s. Sick people

  10. I hope the idiot that did this to that beautiful animal is/are found and the same thing done to them. That is horrific!!!!


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