Injured dog abandoned in tiny cat crate outside shelter

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A 60-lb English bulldog was stuffed into a small cat crate and abandoned outside of a no-kill animal shelter in Southfield, Michigan. On Friday, the Almost Home No Kill shelter alerted Facebook followers to the cruel situation which left the dog, dubbed “Sarah,” injured.

The shelter wrote, “Sarah is a tortured innocent soul who was stuffed and mangled in a cat crate and left to die. There comes a time when you thought you have seen it all. This is the worst case of abuse and torture we have seen since we have been in rescue.” Sarah had been abandoned in the small crate on the driveway of the shelter – it is believed that she suffered inside of the crate for 12 agonizing hours.


The shelter described the impact on Sarah:

After rushing Sarah to the hospital, the conclusions are extremely alarming. Sarah was either beaten prior to being stuffed in the crate, or she was shoved in the crate (a third of her size) which caused her injuries…Sadly, she is unable to walk.


Her injuries include: herniated disc, leaving her completely paralyzed from the waist down. Our veterinarian has told us in order to make Sarah better we will have to pay for several procedures including x-rays, MRI’s, blood work, pain medications, and a list goes on. We were told she will indeed require a long and tedious spinal surgery which will cost at this point between $10,000-$15,000.

14100264_10154553935252859_3867450710277980036_nThe police are conducting an investigation into this cruel incident – donations are being accepted by the rescue agency to help Sarah receive the care that she needs:  Please visit the link at: Or mail checks to: Almost Home, P.O. Box 250602 West Bloomfield, Michigan 48325. Please put “Sarah” in the memo.

15 replies
  1. edward says:

    You. Dooch bags if you are caught you should get eyefor the eye. Meaning put you in a crate smaller then smaller. Then throw in the fucking river and die a horriable death

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I hope they find the monster(s) who did this – and make them pay EVERY PENNY of the vet bills AND spend some time in jail. Idiots! Poor girl. Sharing with prayers.

  3. maxiemom says:

    Sarah is a beautiful dog! How could some filthy SOS do this to her? I hope they find the vile, walking piece of excrement, and when they do, flush it down the sewer where it belongs so it will never bother anyone ever again, that is, after beating it until it can’t walk……

  4. Pam Williams says:

    There are no words for how evil the human race is…..getting worse and worse. ….praying to God and hope they find who did this.

  5. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Sense This type of dog is NOT a REAL COMMON SIGHT someone out THERE knows WHO was in possession of HER>>>> The Scum Bag DESERVES a 38 slug NO MORE OR LESS!!! They are VERMIN…

    • Lisa Stumpf says:

      English bulldogs are the number four most popular breed America. They are for sale in every pet store, on Craigslist, and thousands of byb ads on puppy finder alone. Far from a rare breed or a rare sight!

      • Penny's Dachshund says:

        Well, to clarify. The part of the USA I am from they certainly aren’t a common sight. Sorry to appear so uninformed … I certainly haven’t seen more than a couple in my travels thru Wyoming , Montana area. Thank you for correcting my apparent misconception….If there are thousands upon thousands where this person committed this horrific act it may be hard to identify the POS that did this….

  6. Susan Roberts says:

    I agree, this is not a common breed of dog! Someone knows who did this! They are just as guilty of this abuse as the perpetrator. Maximum penalty is not enough!

  7. Tina Scott says:

    I hope they find the perp(s) and shove them in a box half their size, break a few legs, arms and leave them outside. When they are near death, shoot them. Too much evil in this world.

  8. CaroleFraser says:

    How very cruel the lowest of the low pure and utter scumbags my son has one exactly the same colour they are lovely dog how any one can cause this Brutality is beyond me for to stuff him into that cage is wicked I hope the Perpetrators who commit this atrocity is found and punished severely .


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