Indiana man accused of dragging puppy behind scooter

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An Indiana man is accused of hurting a tiny puppy while dragging the pup behind a motorized scooter in Evansville. According to Monday’s KMOV News, witnesses saw 56-year-old Arthur Smith dragging the young puppy across the parking lot of a grocery store on Monday evening.

One witness tried to get Smith to stop and was allegedly threatened…another witness asked the man why he was dragging the puppy around and was allegedly told because,”I’m trying to kill it.” One witness to the disturbing scene recounted what happened to the Tri State Home Page, “He dragged it almost the whole distance of the parking lot.”

Witness statements, and the abrasions on the puppy’s belly, chest and legs, were enough to result in Smith’s arrest.  He is facing charges for animal cruelty and intimidation – the puppy is expected to recover from the injuries and one of the witnesses has already offered to give the puppy a new home.

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