Incredible cruelty as kids drowned dog in glue just for fun

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In an unconscionable act of animal cruelty, a puppy – barely alive, stood as stiff as a statue, in a cartoon box he was brought to the shelter. What happened to him in Istanbul, Turkey defies all logic and compassion. Children had drowned the dog in glue just for fun.pascal-2

In what a group of heartless kids thought was a game and highly amusing, after they drenched the dog in glue, they dragged him through the mud. And then they all ran away leaving the defenseless puppy to try and rub the hardening glue away. All he could do was rub and roll.pascal-3 It didn’t take long before the glue dried – and became a second skin as thick as cement preventing blood flow to parts of his body.  When discovered barely alive, the suffering puppy, who tried to hide from everyone as he languished in pain, was brought to a nearby shelter where the international rescue group, He’Art of Rescue stepped in to help.pascal-4

“A statue made of mud and glue, a statue submissive to everything that happens around him. A statue in desperate fear of what is to come next. The remnants of once a puppy, barely alive stands as we listen to his story in shock…,” the organization posted on their Facebook page describing the emotional and heartbreaking story of the pup’s short life, now dubbed Pascal.

When brought to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital, the puppy’s prognosis seemed poor; his body and his spirit were nearly destroyed:

“As we take him out of his box and put him on the ground, Pascal moans in pain dragging his two feet. They seem to be broken during the accident. He finds a dark corner in the examination room where he hides from us. His stare meets ours in this incredible moment of shock; betrayal, terror and pain seemed to have almost materialized in his broken soul. He is just a baby yet, but his eyes look much older. He is expecting the worst.”pascal-5

On Wednesday, Pascal’s condition was updated. Doctors slowly peeled the layers of glue away from his skin. Because the blood flow has been severely compromised, one of Pascal’s ears was necrotic, and although he is still in pain, his condition has not worsened.

“His blood tests will come next , and after the tests for any transmissible condition that he may have attained in the street. His skin is being attended by homeopathic medicines…. Our heart is broken but we will not let Pascal go through this alone… We will do everything until he is completely recovered.”

To help with Pascal, donations can be made by clicking here.

Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.

(Photos of dog in glue with permission from Rima Nur, founder of He’Art of Rescue)

Video here:

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  1. Hi I think that’s hysterical a puppy and glue well that’s just f****** hysterical so funny let’s take those little Fucks and let’s see tar get some f****** feathersa acid inside then let him scream their little f****** heads off hey i am having fub anyone else

    • I’m with you… these morons need to be shown how that dog felt.. what are we raising in this country…. future terrorists? These kids are demons and we need to know that they understand right from wrong… evidentally nobody teaches their kids that anymore… to hurt an animal… that’s the worst thing they could do… I hope bad happens to these kids and if you think I’m wrong… I don’t care… they need to learn somehow we need to let people know this kind of demonic behavior is not going to be allowed or tolerated… what is wrong with someone who would torture and abuse a small helpless defenseless animal… what does that show about that person… it shows they have no heart no morals no conscience and no brain… they should be shot

      • I could not agree more with you all 3 commenter’s above mine.!Those freaking monster’s should be delt with according to this barbaric act of savagery..If you don’t stop them now,they will grow up to be vile evil,useless humans.Actually that’s what they are now…Do away with them.!!!

    • There is something really wrong with the Kid’s that did this. It is indicative of a psycho pathology. They need treated before they harm others. I know others want vengeance but it will not happen.

    • amen!!!! I’m sooooooooooooooo just… sickened, devastated by the things people do to animals.

      They do horrid things to people too – as in sex trafficking – did u know that about 50 girls are MURDERED every MONTH – because of the SICK f—-s that like to beat and abuse the girl…???

      This world is getting sicker and sicker. I cant even read this stuff cuz I get UN-Christian!!!!!

      My ‘prayer’ is that the EXACT punishment be done to them – that they tortured another with!!!! They do this in other countries?! I mean, we spend gazillionssss on keeping ‘bad’ peeps in prison. why not just give them the punishment due them? You steal, cut off a hand, steal again, cut off other hand… that oughta do it!

      sheeeeeeeesh.. sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • I agree that those shits that did this should be glued together naked and left to figure out how to get undone while taped and gagged so they can’t holler for help. After two or three days they ought to be arrested, fined, and detained for about three years for this horror. No animal deserves to be treated to horror. Humans are the worst animals of all.

    • I agree, OUR ENTIRE WORLD HAS BARBARIC, EVIL BASTARDS AND CRAZY MINDED CHILDREN AND the SEMI-ADULTS are sick bastards too… EVERYWHERE! It isn’t just the USA, Europe or Asia. It literally is EVERYWHERE. Too many bad, mean spirited INHUMANE, sick minded demented crazy SOB”s. Including the young, they are no better. And those of us, who would never dream of hurting a precious animal. Cannot do a damn thing to these DEMONIC MONSTERS, or we will be in trouble. BUT, THESE PIECES OF SHIT CAN GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEY ARE DOING EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

      The PUNISHMENT NEVER EQUALS THE CRIME. A little fine, and sometimes community service and then maybe a little jail time. BIG DEAL! NO IT HAS GOT TO BE MORE THEN THIS… WE MUST KEEP PUSHING FOR STRONGER AND BETTER LAWS IN EVERY SINGLE STATE AND IN EVERY COUNTRY. I live in Indiana and approximately four years ago, in Ohio. An undercover worker for an animal activist group took a job at a cow processing plant in Ohio. He recorded the workers there hitting and beating little baby calves for no reason. Other then to be hateful and mean spirited and beat an innocent precious animal… They posted it on the net, and so many people were outraged. That the company fired the employee and shut their doors and took their phone off the hook. (I know because I called myself). They received death threats, and I for one, was glad that the piece of shit was EXPOSED! The processing plant lost accounts from customers and I called to tell the SOB”S off myself. I pray that evil pos has died already, that would be “some justice” for his INHUMANE EVIL SPIRIT. When I saw that video of that baby calf being hit with a large tool and kicked. My heart broke, I cried all weekend over that video. I cannot stand to see that type of treatment to an innocent defenseless precious life. BUT, AS FOR THE PIECE OF SHIT, THAT WAS INFLICTING THAT PAIN AND SUFFERING UPON THAT ANIMAL. NOW HE DESERVES TO BE SHOT ON THE SPOT!


    • Rieann, I agree; in all my life I have never heard of such depravity; and it keeps on getting worse. The innocents are suffering at the hands of such vile, despicable entities. I can’t even call them human……

  2. Any wealthy people out there want to pay expenses to help exact some revenge? I’m more than willing to make sure people who do this shit to animals never take another breath of oxygen, just need someone to foot the travel expenses.

    • That makes no sense, mentally deficient morons torture a dog and you want to spend thousands to extract revenge…put the money to better use rescuing other animals and as for punishment for the torturers…they must care for injured and sick animals for a period of no less than 3 years…school for 5 hours a day and caring for defenseless animals for 8 hours of every day for no less than 3 but if after this time it is determined that they still do not get it…3 more until they do.

    • I think torturing the ppl just like they do to the animals is best punishment. Not shooting them. They need to feel the pain on a daily basis

  3. PLEASE let us know how Pascal is doing!!!! My heart is breaking!! Why/ HOW can Humans be So Cruel!!?? I wish there were some way for me to get him. Our Lady passed 7 months ago & we are beginning to look for another dog. I’m praying that Pascal gets well soon & goes to a LOVING HOME!!!!!

    • They have a fb page with updates. Also there is a place for you to tell the clinic why you will be the best home for Pascal

    • The belief that all Muslims hate dogs is ludicrous. It if were true, there would be no dogs in the country AT ALL. Your statement is inappropriate at best and racist at worst.

      • You just cannot judge everyone the same, here are a lot of evil British, European, American people, the world is lost if we judge everyone by one bad person. Think before you post things like that.

      • Sorry but Mohammed said that dogs are dirty vermin, Evil. I sat on a plane and a muslim woman refused to sit next to people who had a dog and was ready to spit on them. It’s just the truth. Most dogs in Muslim countries are poisoned, killed. Just a fact. It’s in their “holy” book.

      • I’m with maxiemom and that’s because I’m a Muslim myself. The belief about Islam or Muhammad saying dogs are “evil” are not true at all! Please do a more better research! I personally love dogs. Yes, I am forbid to touch them, but I am also forbid to hurt them in any way. (there are reasons in Quran and Science as to why). However in desperate majors, Islam allows us to rescue this animal because they are still a living creature who needs to be love and cared for.

        Narrated Abu Huraira:

        Allah’s Apostle said, “While a man was walking on a road. he became very thirsty. Then he came across a well, got down into it, drank (of its water) and then came out. Meanwhile he saw a dog panting and licking mud because of excessive thirst. The man said to himself “This dog is suffering from the same state of thirst as I did.” So he went down the well (again) and filled his shoe (with water) and held it in his mouth and watered the dog. Allah thanked him for that deed and forgave him.” The people asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals?” He said, “(Yes) There is a reward for serving any animate (living being) .”(Bukhari Volume: 8, Book Number: 73, Hadith Number: 38)

        Beside this is Istanbul, Turkey. There are also Christians and Jews in Istanbul, but what religion the kids are were not stated, because this is not about religion, this is about HUMANITY.

    • Statements like that are dangerous and ignorant. I live in Philadelphia and know several Muslims who have 4 legged family members. The most gorgeous shepherd in my neighborhood is owned by a Muslim. I always see them walking the trail and there is no abuse going on there. The dog is confident, loves his owner, and well behaved. Think about this before commenting; there are bad people everywhere. Evil doesn’t discriminate!

  4. If there was some way you could send the poor little one to me… I can save up for the expenses and the trip here. This is beyond sad. It’s pathetic. Those kids should be rolled in tar, glue, and then rolled in the mud, leaves, dirt, grass, wood chips… You all are free to add anything else. I would really love to save this little guy and give him\her a real home.

  5. Tar and feather and SOS and leave them to dry, and make certain the tar is HOT. There is no reason for anyone this cruel and evil to continue to breathe: if they’re this vile, how evil are their parents? Must be real winners…..

  6. These miserable excuses for humans need a HUGE dose of street justice – these kids should be eliminated from this world – I hope this poor puppy survives – this cruelty is inexcusable.

  7. children like that are devils. they need to be skinned alive and laughed at then throw acid in them. they sre not humans. just evil rotten scum

  8. Since it says kids, does anyone know who they are and what is being done to them about this. This can not go unattended. These little bastards need to be punished

  9. I hope the police are trying to find the people who did this. Studies show that serial killers and mass murderers all begin with animal cruelty. This should be taken very seriously!

  10. Unlike most people here who comments without revealing yourselves typing behind a keyboard is child’s play.
    I have housed ” real ” activist in my home hiding from authorities. The only way is to fight fire with fire.
    Supplies , housing and nursing is the way to go. Pretty soon , let’s just say an explosion is the only way to send a message.

  11. I dont accept calling these monsters”kid” they are not kids they are poor miserable bastards with no parent to teach them right and wrong and make thek pay for action.

  12. What a bunch of little monsters!!! To have that much evil running thru their blood makes me wonder what kind of parents these little s***s have!! This is beyond comprehension!! An eye-for-an-eye…I think a good tar ‘n feathers is appropriate! Wish I could afford to fly there, bring karma to their doorsteps and then bring Pascal back to the U.S.! Knowing he’s getting cared for now is a relief but I pray the sick POS’s are found & arrested (I don’t care how young they are either)! Sickening…


    • That’s is not true! Muslims are not cruel. It just happens to be a group of Muslim kids. It dosent mean that all Muslim people are bad. I hope you change your thinking.

  14. I am ashamed of saying that the ones that did this unhuman pain to this poor little puppy are humans, not the kind of humans with a heart and soul, these little bas…… deserve to die , yes die for all the pain and suffering they have caused this little baby dog ! it would be the same as if they would have done it to a 1year old child , would they have been punished! so I hope they find these peace of shit and make them pay for the hurt they have caused this poor baby! please give us back some news about how Pascal is doing and if they caught the scumbaggs that did this may god please help the little one to heal!

  15. There is nothing funny in torturing any kind of animal in anyway. these kids will get what is coming to them in the end. It make not happen to them until they are grown. BUT what goes around comes around and Karma is a BITCH! I pray this little puppy will understand there is very loving humans and can trust this species once again.

  16. I’m wondering if they got a second opinion on this. Might there be some medical grade solvent that might remove the glue more quickly (and less painfully) than peeling it off his skin.

  17. There are no words that describe how sick I feel looking at this poor baby. The Kids that did this are beyond cruel, and beyond human, an eye for an eye. I’m sure God has something in mind for them, may they rot in hell and beyond !!!!!!!

  18. It’s these parts of the world that lack any respect for any creature. Not only animal but human as well. I’ve seen far too many videos of the mistreatment of both animals and humans alike. But being a dog owner my whole life, I know how unconditionally they love and respect. It’s sad that people are allowed to be so ignorant and cruel and probably without consequence. I could never wish such cruelty upon anyone or anything but karma is a bitch as they say.

  19. These hell spawn “kids” should be given the exact same treatment they gave to sweet Pascal. My friend, who has been to the Middle East, says dogs are treated horribly there. I pray that Pascal heals physically and spiritually and gets the kind, loving home he deserves.

  20. I tried to donate US $ but first I kept getting an “internal server error” then when it connect and I got logged in, it took forever to process and then returned an error saying I had no mode of payment sufficient and donation was cancelled. Never had that problem before and I’ve had this eBay account since 1998. I’m going wait and see if it went thru before I try again.

    **Tried again and still getting the server error. Anyone know what email they use for PayPal? I can try going to my acct directly if I had that. I think the link is the problem. I donated to them before so I know they’re legit.

  21. This is so sad! Go Pascal survive and live long! These kids will rot in a deep deep and dirty ditch.

    In SEAsian countries dogs are considered ‘Haram’. Well being inhuman and torturous and a KID needs to be dipped in cement with their head sticking out.

  22. I hope Pascal pulls through and finds a loving home. And I do hope these scummy little fucks who did this to him get beaten up, thrown in a pit and left there to rot.

  23. Unfortunately in that part of the world , they have not yet developped a sense of kindness to others. The little s#its that did this will go unpunished. After all, its just a dog. One can only pray that they meet untimely , slow and painful deaths, and their parents soulsshould rot in hell.

  24. seems our world is becoming THEM the deranged who think abuse of innocent animals is some sort of fun and always come up with another way to cause animals pain…and suffering and those who have to try to undo what is done to the innocent of animals and humans… its us against them… and sometimes I think there are more of them then us and that fight is just another one we have to win… it starts in the home and there are many who shouldnt be allowed to have children they teach them nothing but how to be cruel and have no conscious… I dont know if there is an answer so we have to just keep cleaning up their messes and wait until we find the next one they want to destroy before they can… but we wont give up… I hope these “kids” dont last long in life and their lives are ended slowly to suffer for what they did and will do in the future!

  25. Coming to a place near you in the U.K. People who think it’s ok to treat animals this way. It’s already happening with our farm animals. no respect.

  26. I pretty much agree with all the above comments. Seems that every country in this world is turning out sadistic savages that think this type of thing is funny and amusing. At what point is all this cruel bullshit going stop? I am sickened with most of the stuff I see on FB and social media about these horrendous acts. I weep for humanity…..Karma will have a way of catching up with the horrid people of the world.

  27. awww…..they’re just being kids…..yeah right….this is the kind of ignorant, vile beings that are being raised these days? They should all be caught and capped…wonder what they will do when they are adults???

  28. I truly need to finance some organization that kills all those motherfuckers that harm animals, they deserve to DIE! Or at least get fucking tortured until they fucking surrender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. There should be a petition to call for those brats & their parents to be punished severely. Doing this to ANY living being on earth should have equal punishment! Not just if it was done to a human. All living beings are equal & should be treated as such! They don’t deserve to live! EVIL!!

  30. With respect to the rescue group – and many thanks to them – there must be easier ways to remove glue. What about “Goo Be Gone”? It’s sold at The Container Store and a hundred other places. What about soaking the animal in warm water, one paw at a time. Water is the universal solvent. It likely would take many, many hours, but eventually, washing the dog under constant running water would loosen the glue and very warm water would dissolve it.

  31. Animal cruelty is horribile.Some childen do something bad with their animal and maybe regret it for life but some not and they become bad people in life.They are evil to animals but to the people as well.But people here that want to travel there to kill kids, inject them with acid, role them in glue an glass and what not.Are even worse kind of angry mob hiding behind “love towards animals” hiding their deep complexes and hatred toward humanity.Because of greed and pure selfishnes we got world where in some countries dogs eat nice meat and treats while in another countries people dies starving.But hey thats just people right?No man on planet whos sane a bit would do this to beautiful animal such as dog but with some kids it happens they should be punished somehow or even better their parents but goin there kill them tourture them??? Shame on you.

    • Hear hear, I don’t believe in cruelty to animals, but starving children can starve as long as the stay animals get fed. We sometimes cause I bigger problem by feeding wild animals making them stronger thus making then more fertile! Just making an observation, bet this will cause a riot.

      • Your assumptions are more than wrong. Animals have humans they depend on… Children have parents. IF that is the case of Fertility … what do you call parents who are having children beyond what they can afford? Feeding WILD animals is one thing…dogs are domestics. Big Difference! Get educated.

  32. We cannot rely on our government to protect our companion animals. We have to protect them ourselves and we have to punish those who harm our special friends. In this case it was children, but they need a lesson. I hope that they receive a lesson that they will never forget!

  33. I want these sick psychotic little turds and their fucking girt bag parents held accountable’ FINES and Jail time for the parents mandatory parenting classes and make these putrid little scumbags; clean cages at the SPCA for a year!

  34. Is no one else noticing “His skin is being attended by homeopathic medicines….”?! Wth? This puppy needs proper medicines and care, not your bs homeopathic pseudo-science! You’re as cruel as those heartless kids! Bring him to a proper veterinary hospital asap!!!

  35. that nassau boy should get more than 2 weeks in jail….what kind of judicial system have you…animal haters????????THAT BOY should have got 3to5 years for killing a living being,,,,,and the judge that saw fit to give him so little should be disbarred,,,,or get off his ass and start passing out proper jail terms……..and i am sure you will hear from more than me……..11111111


    • This is why parents should always EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN BEFORE BUYING / ADOPTING PETS.
      Like seriously! If you don’t have time to educate your damn children, don’t buy pets!!!

  37. Oh my how sad!!! A bunch of sick kids that need to be arrested and fined– if they do this to a puppy think about what they’ll do to a human being– Psycho’s!!

  38. This is abdolutely horrible that poor baby inisent puppy thats a damn shame. So scared and frightened those kids I sure hope and prey they get what they deserve after this. No dog big or small should every be put threw this they depend on us to help them and we should. I hope these little kids get the living shit beat out of them for this I’m furious. Little pascal deserves a great home with a loving family and to be treated like a king and to be happy for the rest of life.

    • I totally agree with the commenters up above, but wouldn’t hurting the kids be just as bad as them hurting Pascal?? I get that everyone is mad at these kids, so am I, but wouldn’t we be sinking to their level? I so believe that those kids need payback, but reading those comments are scary!! My heart broke in two, thinking that kids would want to do that. I’ve wanted a dog for 8 years, and looking and seeing the “fun” those kids had, abusing Pascal like that, tears me apart. Even at the rage I’m in thinking that some kids thought that was FUN, I know wanting to hurt them is wrong and would be as bad or possibly worst. I fell in love with Pascal, and right now, I hope that his new to-be adoptive family will treat him like a king AND a family member. NOT an experiment.

  39. I continue to read story after story about animal abuse and cruelty. It sickens me that there are such unconscionable people in this world capable of such horrendous acts of torture, heartlessness and callousness. When children engage in these sadistic acts, it causes me to wonder what their parents have been teaching them. Whatever happened to “do unto others. . .?” I wonder if these children even know what kindness and love mean. Shame on these children, their parents and all other animals abusers. You should have to suffer what these poor animals have suffered; maybe then you will learn the meaning of empathy, compassion and love.


  41. This is the 100th case of SEVERE animal cruelty that I’ve heard of that happened in Turkey. What do you expect coming from a country that treats women like sh** on sidewalk? I feel so deeply sorry for any animal living in that culture. These people deserve serious jailtime.

  42. animals cannot be treated like this it’s inhumane and cruel we should stop these demon like people (or should I even call them that) they do not deserve a word of what I am saying because they treat animals like they are not living creatures. I have a rescue dog of my own so I know how they turn out, which is a beautiful, free spirited animal that means no harm, I am 15 years old and I have more respect for them then they ever will.


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