Husky thrown in river to drown with legs bound in wire rescued

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In Farmall, South Africa, a disturbing animal cruelty case has been reported when a husky was found in a river with his legs bound in wire in an apparent deliberate attempt to drown the dog. According to the FourWaysReview, the dog was discovered alive when a pedestrian crossing the Watercombe Road bridge heard him crying. The Good Samaritan, with the help of other motorists, was able to pull the husky to safety.

Rushed to the Blue Bush Animal Clinic, the dog dubbed  Spirit by his rescuers, suffered from inhaling water, hypothermia and exhaustion. The veterinarian treating Spirit stated the husky suffered a deep injury to one of his legs – possibly having been the result of illegal poaching which remains a huge problem in the area. Laying  snares and traps without a permit or the written consent of the Council in public areas too often winds up injuring domesticated animals such as dogs and cats.husky-rescued-2

“Possibly the dog was snared and the poacher, finding something in the snare that he didn’t want to eat, then bound and tried to drown him. The other possibility is that someone tried to get rid of the dog because of the severe paw injury, which could originally have been anything from a snake bite to a deep infected wound,” stated the vet.

The SPCA Ranburg is outraged at the cruelty involved in this case, and is asking for the public’s help identifying the person who committed the crime.

Readers can follow Spirit’s recovery at the Blue Bush Animal Clinic here.husky-rescued-3

“He’s still weak and his lungs aren’t great, but a very good sign is his appetite, he’s eating like a hobbit….first breakfast, second breakfast, tea, lunch, tea, first supper, second supper…”

The Blue Bush Animal Clinic is a private animal treatment facility, but it does have a Charity Treatment Fund in order to help poorer clients pay for their animal’s care. If you would like to find out more,  contact the clinic on 011 462 5839. Spirit is expected to have a lengthy recovery.

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  1. Surprise!!! Children are treated much the same down there too!!! Life is worth absolutely NOTHING to the Majority of the population of South Africa !!!

  2. And people from ROTTEN to CORE countries wonder WHY we do NOT WANT THEM HERE in the United States. ANY country that treats their people OR their animals like this ought to be BLOCKED from any migration, NO VISA’S of ANY kind issued to anyone from these countries UNTIL they change. PERIOD! Don’t bring your sick shit HERE! WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE! PERIOD!


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